Computer vision solutions

The field of computer vision is an inspiration for us. Making cameras understanding their environment is our challenge. Our specialisation is recognising license plates in all circumstances. Avutec developed CortexFramework, an open platform for the creation of computer vision solutions. To create innovative products for the mobility and security sector Avutec manufactures specialised hardware.
Our partners use our off-the-shelf products for easy integration in their solutions or building their own application using CortexFramework. Avutec’s products are suitable for both OEM and end-user customers. Software modules can be developed and integrated in our open platform.
Our products are at the core of every ANPR solution.

Augment your security system with License Plate Recognition

As a scientific discipline, computer vision is concerned with the theory behind artificial systems that extract information from images. The image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional data from a medical scanner. As a technological discipline, computer vision seeks to apply its theories and models to the construction of computer vision systems.     -Wikipedia

Products and services

Offering a wide range of ANPR solutions, Avutec’s products and services help OEM, integration partners and developers select and integrate the best product for their end user customers. Avutec develops  and manufactures computer vision applications for security and mobility solutions.


CortexFramework is a base technology for designing custom made computer vision applications for traffic and security solutions. It is at the core of all our products.



CortexServer is a preloaded hybrid ANPR server. CortexFramework is pre installed and running, accepting input from a variety of sources e.g. analogue- and ip cameras and video management systems.


Cost effective ANPR solution for IP camera’s hosted by Avutec in the cloud with online dasboard for datavisualization.


The newest technology in sensors, LED illumination and embedded processing units are combined with intelligent software, making this the perfect all in one ANPR camera.


DPS prevents fuelling-up-without-paying at gas stations by recognising a number plate, matching it to governmental databases with car information and blacklists within seconds.


A wide spectrum of services is offered ranging from custom development of software modules to off-the-shelf product integration depending on the need of our partners.

Avutec smart partner for system integrators and developers

Our ANPR applications are part of complex security solutions. To offer reliable products for end users we work closely together with system integrators and developers. Our products add value and make existing products more competetive and attractive for future clients.

Why choose us?

  • Experienced computer vision experts
  • Hardware and software development
  • Highly accurate ANPR engine
  • CortexFramework for reliable and agile solutions
  • CortexClient for seamless configuration and monitoring
  • SDK for custom software development
  • Easy integration with third party systems
  • OEM and off-the-shelf products



Access control

Automated number plate recognition optimizes the flow of entering cars providing extra service. No long queues at the entrance offering and extra service for employees or customers. The use of whitelists keeps unwanted visitors outside.



ANPR makes carwash data available anywhere anytime. An online dashboard visualises what is going on at  a venue. Information that can be used in marketing strategies. Integration with paying systems offers great service for frequent users welcoming them by automatically starting their favorite washing.



To structure the flow of cars during big events can be a challenge. The use of license plate recognition can be of great help by directing cars to their parking place.
VIP clients can be welcomed with private messages directing them to their special parking place in no time.


Ticketless e-parking

Book a parking ticket online, reserving a place to park and pay automatically. The barrier opens immediately at arrival and departure. An ideal solution for parking at airports.



To enhance traffic flow and prevent congestion at tolling stations the usage ANPR is effective. The integration with billing systems automates the tolling system completely. It is a great service for frequent users of toll roads and a huge ease for governments administration.


Traffic monitoring

Our smart ANPR devices analyses images of cars over two lanes gaining information about traffic and suspicious behavior for law enforcement. In fixed position or mounted on a vehicle it helps to find cars with unpaid fines or locates lost vehicles.


Data visualization

The online dashboard visualizes data of license plate recognition in the browser. It is a data dashboard showing graphics and statistical reports of visiting cars. It provides useful marketing information about customers and their behavior. The dashboard displays recognised license plates real-time.


Car park

The use of ANPR prevents unauthorised parking and can generate alarms upon recognition of blacklisted vehicles. On the other hand it can welcome guests or special VIP’s with a welcoming message. It gives insight in the parking behavior of clients monitoring their stay.