Welcome to AVUTEC. We are excited about visual technology and the possibilities it offers. In manufacturing our camera systems we aim to create the perfect device. A device that through a merge of high quality hardware and specialist software performs world class recognition and integrates its intelligence seamlessly with any system. We enjoy to apply technology in a way, that it has a tangible positive impact on the people that use our systems in daily life. 


Camera systems for visual AI on the edge

The AVUTEC ANPR AI camera product line logo


Integrate world class recognition with any system

Projects in mobility, parking and access control come in all shapes and sizes. With CortexFramework and its modules, our camera systems can be tailored to project requirements. Whether it concerns one camera system at a parking venue or multiple systems in a mobility project, our AI cameras will integrate seamlessly.


More than license plate recognition

ANPR-X captures more than just a license plate. It gathers comprehensive vehicle information to look beyond license plate recognition. It implements contextual intelligence and additional image analysis to augment ANPR. Recognition results offer all the information required for more fine grained and sophisticated applications.


The power of synergie

Manufacturing and designing both hardware and software, AVUTEC unites the best of both worlds in a single device. The synergie of attuned hardware and software leads to optimised performance in speed and recognition accuracy.


AVUTEC brings it’s products through a network of internationally operating installers and integrators to end-users. As an end-user the fastest way to an installation is to contact our sales department.

At AVUTEC we are always happy to welcome new installers and integrators. We like to hear about your projects and explore the opportunities we can develop together.