AVUTEC’s expertise and knowledge regarding ANPR and video analyzing techniques have set a benchmark for quality. By closely following the latest advancements in both hardware and software, we develop intelligent software and manufacture devices that process images. Through a network of internationally operating partners AVUTEC brings its products to end-users.

In-house development of hardware and software

At AVUTEC hardware specialists work together with software engineers and designers to develop products and solutions of the highest quality. As a result of all this in-house expertise, AVUTEC’s hardware and software work together seamlessly. Furthermore, AVUTEC is in full control of its products and able to make adjustments according to specific client requirements at any time.

The products and solutions are designed to be integrated with all possible third-party systems, which complements these systems with the latest technology in image processing and detection.

Core values

  • Delivering top quality products and living up to the highest standards of recognition technology.
  • Maintaining enduring relationships with our partners by mutually reinforcing one another.
  • Providing a pleasant work environment that ensures the well-being, inspiration and motivation of our employees.
  • Keeping entrepreneurial curiosity and innovative energy alive by stimulating personal growth for our employees and product innovation and integration for our partners.

Mission statement

To make image processing technology accessible in easy to integrate applications and to support our partners in developing successful businesses.