AVUTEC’s complete solution for ANPR access control supervises the entry allowance of vehicles through highly accurate number plate recognition. Integrating this ANPR solution with for instance parking management systems or security systems enhances the access control of any property or area.   

Automated entry with a Gatekeeper

The foundation of AVUTEC’s ANPR access control solution is the Gatekeeper, an embedded ANPR camera. Its internal ANPR engine analyzes images for number plate recognition, and since it contains the latest technology in sensors, LED illumination and processing units, it can handle all incoming vehicles autonomously. Furthermore, it also features an internal Wiegand interface to connect to any brand of access or door controller to make the Gatekeeper function as a distant pass reader for number plates.

Due to the motorized zoom lens, the Gatekeeper can read number plates within 2 to 25 meters. This means that the Gatekeeper can be secured at a more distant wall or post. Configuration and monitoring of this ANPR access control solution is done remotely in the graphical interface of CortexClient, which makes the Gatekeeper both versatile and easy to use.

The benefits of AVUTEC’s ANPR access solution

Highly accurate ANPR

Due to the internal IR LED illumination, the Gatekeeper reads number plates in both low light conditions and the dark

Embedded ANPR camera

The Gatekeeper has an internal ANPR engine and can flawlessly read number plates at close range as well as at a distance up to 25 meters

Autonomous operation

The Gatekeeper triggers actions based on number plates. It interfaces with access controllers and automatically opens gates for approved number plates

ANPR access control

Easy to integrate

With the use of CortexFramework, the ANPR access control solution can be integrated with any third-party system


This user-friendly graphical environment is used to remotely configure and monitor the Gatekeeper


CortexParking is a ready-made solution that offers an easily manageable ANPR access control for smaller applications

Easy integration with CortexFramework

CortexFramework  allows users to manage their needs from a single modular development and operational environment. By building a personalized configuration, ANPR events can trigger actions and alarms across any integrated system.

Establishing a personalized configuration, also known as a Cortex, is done in the intuitive design of CortexClient. It provides a wide variety of available building blocks (Axons) to achieve an ANPR access control solution that meets all requirements. Besides building Cortexes, CortexClient is also used for remote (re)configuration and monitoring, making ANPR more comprehensible, scalable and powerful than ever.

CortexParking: a ready-made access control solution

CortexParking is a ready-made access control solution for companies, institutes and private property owners who want a an easily manageable access application that enhances the security of their entrance.

With the use of a single Gatekeeper, an electrically operated gate and the license-free CortexParking application all incoming vehicles are handled. CortexParking provides a live video stream of the entrance area and user-friendly whitelist management with limited or unlimited access for the entered number plates. The Gatekeeper checks if the number plates of incoming vehicles are registered on the whitelist. As soon as a match if found, the Gatekeeper automatically opens the gate. In case a vehicle is not registered or validated for entrance, it is possible to open the gate manually after a visual check of the live video stream.

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