AVUTEC’s complete solution for ANPR access control supervises the entry allowance of vehicles through highly accurate number plate recognition. Integrating this ANPR solution with parking management systems or security systems enhances the access control of any property or area.   

Automated entry with a Gatekeeper

Vehicle and access security starts by supervising the entrance. Most probably an intercom, remote control, access code dialling-in or entrance pass reader is used for this task. Neither of these options are efficient, user friendly and convenient. Automating the access of vehicles with the use of their number plate (ANPR / LPR), adds extra convenience, while enhancing the security of a premises at the same time.

The Gatekeeper, AVUTEC’s intelligent ANPR camera, is the foundation of a professional ANPR access control solution. It flawlessly reads number plates at a close range as well as at distances up to 25 meters during broad daylight, in low lighting conditions and in the dark. Combined with an electrically operated garage door, parking barrier, roller fence, speed gate or bollard, the Gatekeeper is suitable to enhance comfort and security.

The Gatekeeper can work as a distance card reader for number plates and is ideal for basic ANPR access control applications with a focus on offering convenience to users, up to extremely stringent security situations. Using the I/O extender in the back of the Gatekeeper, this ANPR camera can open gates as soon as an authorized number plate is recognized. The Gatekeeper integrates with all brands of access control systems, parking management systems or security systems. Connection through the Wiegand interface or IP based integration with all types of access or door controllers is easy and available.

The benefits of AVUTEC’s ANPR access control solution

Highly accurate ANPR

Due to the internal IR LED illumination, the Gatekeeper reads number plates in both low light conditions and the dark

Motorized zoom lens

As a varifocal PoE+ device the recognition distance of 2-25 meters, zoom and the cabling guarantee ease of deployment and adjustability on site

Wiegand and I/O pins

The Gatekeeper triggers actions based on number plates. It interfaces with access controllers and opens gates for approved number plates

ANPR access control

Easy to integrate

With the use of CortexFramework, the ANPR access control solution can be integrated with any third-party system


ANPR access control is made easy with CortexClient: AVUTEC’s graphical user interface to remotely configure, manage and monitor the Gatekeeper

Cortex Wiegand Calculator

Cortex Wiegand Calculator: a tool to hash number plate into a 26-bit Wiegand protocol message

Easy integration with CortexFramework and CortexClient

CortexFramework  allows users to manage their needs from a single modular development and operational environment. By building a personalized configuration, ANPR events can trigger actions and alarms across any integrated system.

Establishing a personalized configuration, also known as a Cortex, is done in the intuitive design of CortexClient. It provides a wide variety of available building blocks (Axons) to achieve an ANPR access control solution that meets all requirements. Besides building Cortexes, CortexClient is also used for remote (re)configuration and monitoring, making ANPR more comprehensible, scalable and powerful than ever.

Remotely configurable, CortexFramework ensures cost-effectiveness. CortexClient’s extensive set of tools to configure, monitor and manage eliminates on-site maintenance, keeping operational costs low.

ANPR access control with an I/O extender

The I/O extender is a level shifter and relay-board in one, it can be used as an extender of the I/O pins in the back of the Gatekeeper to generate a Wiegand signal and operate a barrier. The I/O pins as they come in the back of the Gatekeeper have an output voltage of 3V. The I/O extender shifts the Wiegand signal generated by CortexFramework to 5V. To open a barrier for ANPR access control, the I/O extender has two electronic relays to switch a voltage high enough to open a gate.

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