Vehicle and access security starts by supervising the entrance. Most probably an intercom, remote control, access code dialling-in or entrance pass reader is used for this task. Neither of these options are efficient, user friendly and convenient. Automating the access of vehicles with the use of their number plate (ANPR / LPR), adds extra convenience, while enhancing the security of a premises at the same time.

AVUTEC’s intelligent ANPR camera, is the foundation of a professional ANPR access control solution. It flawlessly reads number plates at a close range as well as at distances up to 25 meters during broad daylight, in low lighting conditions and in the dark. Combined with an electrically operated garage door, parking barrier, roller fence, speed gate or bollard, the Gatekeeper is suitable to enhance comfort and security.

The Gatekeeper can work as a distance card reader for number plates and is ideal for basic ANPR access control applications with a focus on offering convenience to users, up to extremely stringent security situations. Using the I/O extender in the back of the Gatekeeper, this ANPR camera can open gates as soon as an authorized number plate is recognized. The Gatekeeper integrates with all brands of access control systems, parking management systems or security systems. Connection through the Wiegand interface or IP based integration with all types of access or door controllers is easy and available.


ANPR engine

The Gatekeeper series achieves its plate capture accuracy thanks to AVUTEC’s in-house developed ANPR engine. The technology is backed by over 10 years of ANPR analytics research and development. Due to constant evolvement the engine is highly accurate even in bad weather conditions or in reading plates at difficult angles.

Ready-to-use connectors for integration with our technology partners

The strength of CortexFramework is in its flexibility and connectivity. Our integration platform offers a choice of smart computer vision modules to analyze video content. To unlock our ANPR engine an make it accessible for businesses we made our platform highly integrable by developing connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access control and other management systems. CortexFramework is the link with any security or smart city ecosystem and the implementation of AI algorithms.

Wiegand, IP based or I/O pin

The Gatekeeper performs actions based on number plates. It interfaces with access controllers and opens gates for approved number plates.  Our platform includes a Wiegand interface and  supports IP based access control systems. The optional I/O extender in the back of the Gatekeeper can directly operate a gate or barrier. No matter the demands we offer a solution for every ANPR challenge.


Remote support

Maintenance costs and response time are minimized because of the fully remote configuration and monitoring of all AVUTEC products, made easy and cost effective by the license free CortexClient. Our graphical interface CortexClient provides all the tools to offer customers full remote support, saving time and money for all parties involved.

Embedded license plate recognition operates 24/7

Recognition on the edge does not stop when internet stops. Our embedded camera will continue to open a barrier. The output of recognition results to third-party systems outside the local network just requires minimal bandwidth.


AVUTEC product users

AVUTEC brings it’s products through a network of internationally operating installers and integrators to end-users. The fastest way to an installation is to contact our sales department.

Installers and integrators

At AVUTEC we are always happy to welcome new installers and integrators. We like to hear about your projects and explore the opportunities we can develop together.