Where the Gatekeeper, AVUTEC’s visual IoT sensor, offers an embedded solution at the edge, CortexServer and CortexServer NPU add intelligence to an (existing) camera system.               

CortexServer: Add ANPR to existing camera systems

Adding AVUTEC’s CortexServer to an existing camera system instantly provides automated detection and analysis of number plates. The dedicated hardware of CortexServer even ensures compatibility with analog cameras. One single ANPR server can process the images of at least 8 analog cameras or a total of 20MP from digital input. CortexServer is suitable as both a stand-alone solution and a part of a complex application

CortexServer NPU: Add AI to existing camera systems

Where the regular CortexServer is perfectly suited to add the detection and analysis of number plates to any existing camera system, CortexServer NPU is suitable to run deep learning applications.
Neural processing units add the speed necessary to fluently detect objects, classify images, segment video output or understand human movement.

CortexServer: designed for convenience and integration


The modular platform of CortexFramework is the foundation of all AVUTEC products and works seamlessly with CortexServer


This low-threshold development environment is used to configure and monitor CortexServer

Input from multiple cameras

One CortexServer can handle the images of at least 8 analogue cameras and 20 MP from digital input

ANPR server

Use of current camera systems

There is no need to replace current camera systems, CortexServer accepts input from any camera


With an extensive library of pre-built connector Axons CortexFramework integrates out-of-the-box with VMS, management and database systems


Besides ANPR, CortexServer can be used for all kinds of video content analysis, different processes can run at the same time

Benefits and facts of the CortexServer ANPR server

  • CortexServer is a plug and play device
  • CortexFramework is pre-installed and running
  • Easy configuration with the use of CortexClient
  • Input is accepted from both analog and IP cameras
  • A hardware watchdog ensures a reliable 24/7 operation
  • Centralized management and monitoring of multiple local and remote CortexServers is done with CortexClient
  • The optional i/o card operates all kinds of external devices, such as security access systems and car wash controllers
  • Integration with POS, VMS, BMS, SMS and other financial or security software management systems
  • All data can be stored in external databases, cloud solutions or a custom solution


CortexFramework, the foundation every AVUTEC product, allows users to build and manage computer vision applications from a single modular development and operational environment. By building a personalized configuration, ANPR events can trigger actions and alarms across any integrated system.

CortexFramework is based on open standards and has well documented API’s. The use of open standards ensures that third parties can integrate CortexFramework in their application.


The ANPR server is remotely configured and monitored with CortexClient. This visual environment for designing personalized ANPR solutions is intuitive and user-friendly, with a few clicks complex behavior is implemented by using the available building blocks (Axons).

Each Axon gives live performance information and provides its own settings to perfect the sharpness and clarity of the view.

Learn how your organization can benefit from CortexServer and it’s applications. Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected].

See CortexServer live in action and learn about all possibilities of ANPR during a demonstration at AVUTEC. Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment.