Traffic data collection: methods, analysis and applications

Traffic data collection is the process of gathering information about traffic movements and density. It involves accumulating insights about vehicular movements. When processed in real-time, this information aids in optimizing traffic flow, identifying current congestion points, and managing urban density. Besides that, traffic data collection plays a fundamental role inread more

Q&A: Introducing our web-based ANPR integration

What sets AVUTEC's X-Series ANPR cameras apart? AVUTEC's X-Series ANPR cameras are distinguished by their integration abilities. These cameras ensure spot-on accuracy in license plate recognition, and they effortlessly blend with the multitude of systems our partners work with, amplifying their applicability in different sectors. What built-in integration options doread more

Real-time container and wagon code recognition

AVUTEC is pleased to announce our latest innovation in container and wagon code recognition. Using our expertise, we have engineered a system capable of real-time identification of UIC and BIC codes, processing all data on device. This functional solution enhances operations by swiftly and precisely decoding information and uploading thisread more

Scheveningen uses AI to reduce nuisance

The Municipality of The Hague recently tested the possibility of using smart cameras to detect laughing gas abuse and to forward a live report to enforcement so that it can act while preserving privacy. During the test day, the innovative solution from Avutec (producer of smart cameras) and Monotch (developer of C-ITS platforms) wasread more