Face mask detection

AVUTEC embedded detection algorithms
BREDA- AVUTEC, a Dutch manufacturer of AI cameras launches edge-based  face mask detection. Their AI camera analyzes video images in real time and detects face masks with high frame rates and without latency. While recognition is done completely on-device, the camera only transmits detection results, ensuring low bandwidth usage and privacy.read more

AI as a digital assistent

Facemask detection on the edge
Most European governments decided to make it mandatory to wear a face mask in public transport. In many other industries face masks protect the health of employees. Is it necessary to enforce these regulations, or will people voluntarily wear aerosol protection out of respect for the safety and health ofread more

Welcoming guest with technology

Mew AVUTEC smart parking for the hospitality industry
More and more hotels and holiday parks offer their guests a smooth experience with our ANPR technology and Smart parking solution. From now on license plate recognition is integrated in the Mews reservation system. Usage is simple: Just add a license plate to a reservation in Mews and the Gatekeeper willread more

Contactless payment with a license plate

Contatcless payment based on ANPR
Contactless payment with a license plate In daily life we all use our bankcard or mobile phone to pay contactless. We are used to the easy and secure way of payment. What if there is another way of contactless payment? What if we could pay with our license plate? Wouldread more