As a provider of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, AVUTEC places a strong emphasis on the importance of secure communication and real-time monitoring within access control systems. That is why they have equipped their Module-X camera with integrated OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) support, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with access control systems that use OSDP. AVUTEC is proud to have successfully deployed their camera systems, ensuring a secure and efficient solution for access control.

Versatile and efficient access control installation

The camera’s compact design makes it easy to install in various environments. It can be seamlessly integrated into a terminal or used as a standalone device, providing flexibility in designing access control systems. Since it eliminates the need for additional hardware or software, the installation process of the Module-X saves time and reduces costs.

Enhanced security and real-time monitoring

The Module-X, with integrated OSDP support, enhances security by verifying the identities of vehicles through ANPR technology. This system automatically recognizes license plates and cross-references the information with an access control database to determine if entry is authorized. This rigorous verification process ensures that only authorized vehicles gain access, reducing the risk of theft and other security breaches. Additionally, the Module-X sends real-time notifications to access control systems, enabling quick responses in case of security breaches.

Interoperable and future-ready

By combining OSDP with ANPR technology, AVUTEC’s Module-X provides a secure and reliable solution for access control, allowing for real-time monitoring and control of access points. Its open and standardized OSDP support ensures interoperability with various access control devices, simplifying system design and maintenance. This future-ready approach ensures that the access control system can adapt and scale to evolving security needs.


In conclusion, AVUTEC’s commitment to secure communication, real-time monitoring, and enhanced security in access control projects is evident through their Module-X camera with OSDP support. It offers versatility, interoperability, and security, ensuring that only authorized individuals and vehicles are granted access. Whether integrated into a terminal or used as a standalone device, the Module-X’s adaptable design provides flexibility and future-readiness in access control system implementation.