Module-X with built-in OSDP support

As a leading provider of ANPR technology, we at AVUTEC understand the importance of secure communication and real-time monitoring in access control systems. That's why we've equipped our Module-X camera with built-in OSDP support, allowing for seamless integration with OSDP-enabled access control systems. We are proud to have already installedread more

Release of our new ANPR engine

We're pleased to announce the launch of our new ANPR engine, incorporating the latest technologies to deliver unparalleled performance and accuracy. Our cutting-edge solution is the result of years of investment in research and development, culminating in a product that we're proud to offer our customers. Our AI-based recognition softwareread more

Spot the Module-X IR

Nicely concealed, built in into the terminal, the Module-X performs its tasks with discretion. With its dimensions (190 x 80 x 67 mm), the Module-X IR is probably the smallest all-in-one ANPR camera on the market. Notwithstanding its compactness, this device does not compromise in functionality. Therefor we are proudread more

OSDP, Wiegand and contacts in one camera

The Module-X IR is our brand-new, all in one camera-system for nearby license plate recognition, build for vehicle access control installations and automated parking solutions. AVUTEC is pleased to offer a very compact device, that is compliant with the latest and the most popular integration protocols. This ANPR camera-system offersread more

Direct access to recognition results

With an incredible wide range of integration abilities, an AVUTEC X-Series smart camera will always fit to the diversity of project requirements and customer demands, for connectivity and ease of system integration. In the choice of software architecture and hardware design, integration and connectivity have always been a top more