New advantages of edge recording usage

As a genuine traffic monitoring and access control camera system, the X-Series camera range feature a large internal storage capacity for edge recording. Video originating from both internal camera sources can be recorded, without the need of any extra server or cloud storage. CortexConnect, the AVUTEC remote access infrastructure, makesread more

License plate recognition in style

Does it bring extra worth for a license plate-reading camera to be aesthetically pleasing? Can an ANPR camera enhance a location's stylish appeal and make a positive initial impression? Is there merit in installing an ANPR camera that diverges from the conventional camera appearance? The answer to these queries isread more

Countdown for take-off

Since its launch in June, the first batches of the Gatekeeper-X are deployed in the field. With the introduction of the Module-X coming October, the full range of ANPR camera models of the X-Series will be available. By bringing the X-Series to production, AVUTEC enables its partners to offer futureread more