AVUTEC knows the value of a trusted and reliable channel partner. Its high tech products create opportunities but also ask serious engagement. AVUTEC invests in long term relationships and expects the same from its partners. Partners may expect hands-on support, manuals and training sessions to provide optimal results in the field. AVUTEC listens to its partners and can implement good suggestions swiftly. Being in contact and knowing what partners need, results in products that bring value for money to end-users.


AVUTEC welcomes new partners with great pleasure. The AVUTEC team likes to hear all about current or future projects and explore the opportunities to develop together.


To get to know AVUTEC and its products the introduction set including is a great way to start. The set features a fully equipped Gatekeeper X with the CortexFramework platform installed and remote management in its full glory. It gives access to the support manuals and includes an introduction training. The set not only introduces the AVUTEC ecosystem, it also serves as a demo for clients.


Being a partner means access to the full product portfolio, development team and hand-on support. As business grows Avutec and its offerings will grow along. Grow with AVUTEC into a smarter future.