As a co-innovator you will be the initiator of the development of a new solution with our products. You have a clear vision about bussiness opportunities and want to exploit its full potential. Your development team will use our SDK and you will sell the finished product as yours. In the process of development we will assist you were we can. 


We welcome new co-innovators with great pleasure. We like to hear about your ideas to build new solutions with our product portfolio. After approval you will become an accredited co-innovator who can benefit from all our support and resources in the process of creation.


To get to know AVUTEC, our products and their grand potential we put together an introduction set including all the good we have to offer. The set features a fully equipped Gatekeeper with our platform installed and remote management in it’s full glory. It gives access to our support manuals, SDK and includes an introduction training. The set will lead you into the AVUTEC ecosystem and serves as an development environment for creation.


Being an accredited co-innovator means access to our full product portfolio, development team and hands-on support. A training program for developers is available to learn our API.