At the base of all products is CortexFramework, the  AVUTEC computer vision integration platform. The strength of CortexFramework is in its versatality and connectivity. In the design of the framework an open platform architecture is used, where connectivity with other systems and flexibility have key roles. This choice in design leads to highly customizable, scalable and reliable solutions, tailormade for each project. CortexFramework converts complex technology to practical solutions and its computer vision modules can lift entire systems to a smarter dimension.

Ready-made connectors for third party integration

To unlock the ANPR engine and make AI accessible for businesses, CortexFramework is designed with integration in mind. The platform offers a wide range of software connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access control and parking management systems. Highly connective, CortexFramework is the link between any security, parking or smart city ecosystem and the implementation of AI algorithms.

ANPR and recognition modules

The AVUTEC ANPR engine proofed its accuracy and high capture rate numerous times. It flawlessly opens a gate for authorized vehicles, facilitates further automation of a car wash and is a key player in mobility solutions.

By taking advantage of the latest computer vision technology and AI, CortexFramework provides extremely accurate and reliable detection, tracking and classification of people and objects.


Remote management and ease of deployment of CortexFramework devices have always been a priority. The combination of CortexFramework’s modularity, CortexClient’s drag-and-drop graphical interface and management tools plus the remote access tool, CortexConnect, result in a complete set of tools to facilitate every installer and integrator.


CortexClient, our graphical interface to manage, monitor and configure CortexFramework, comes with every AVUTEC product. It lists all AVUTEC devices in one environment making it easy to navigate between different devices on several locations. Per device it offers an extensive set to configure and monitor its settings for optimized performance.


To simplify accessing CortexFramework devices we developed CortexConnect. CortexConnect is our remote access tool to connect to devices running CortexFramework without the need for port forwarding, opening firewalls or setting up a VPN connection. CortexConnect facilitates high quality support from behind a desk.


At the edge

Compact, fast, low bandwidth usage and highly accurate, the IoT sensor systems keep recognising while Etherernet fails.

In the cloud

Connect an RTSP stream or upload images to our detection in the cloud service and start recognizing.

On perimeter

Adding a local CortexServer to an existing camera system instantly provides automated detection and analysis of number plates.


AVUTEC development team

When off the shelf connectors and axons do not meet the specific requirements, the AVUTEC development service can help out. AVUTEC develops connectors for integration with any third party system, implements new functionality or trains a custom recognition module. AVUTEC is always interested in the development of new functionality and curious at new ideas!


To facilitate integrators a feature rich SDK is available to develop client and server side applications. To get to know the AVUTEC eco system and our API we offer training sessions for IT specialists.