Computer vision is a complex discipline. Thanks to CortexFramework, the foundation of every AVUTEC product, building a solution that perfectly suits your needs is far less complicated. This computer vision platform features a graphical development environment for rapid prototyping and development that is easy to use without any programming knowledge or skills, while experienced programmers can use a set of tools to build client and server-side applications.

A powerful computer vision platform

CortexFramework, the foundation of every AVUTEC product, is a powerful computer vision platform. It allows users to build and manage personalized computer vision applications from a single modular development and operational environment. These applications can be built with a wide variety of available building blocks (Axons) to develop customized solutions (Cortexes).

Examples of the functionalities of these Axons are:

  • Input sensors and external camera sources;
  • Real-time video cropping, cutting and compression;
  • Processing video content analysis;
  • Connections to POS terminals, peripherals, video recording systems, etc.;
  • Database connection or configuration;
  • FTP and web service communication.

Building a custom Cortex with CortexFramework


This low-threshold development environment is used to build, configure and monitor computer vision applications


A personalized computer vision application built with CortexFramework is called a Cortex. It consists of several Axons


CortexFramework offers several standard Axons that form personalized computer vision applications. AVUTEC can also build custom Axons

SDK and Cortex.NET

These extensive toolboxes provide all the required resources to build client and server-side applications

Computer vision platform

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is an embedded IoT camera that seamlessly works with CortexFramework


As a starting point, installers are able to secure the Gatekeeper(s), set up CortexClient and create a standard Cortex


CortexFramework is suitable for integrators, with the use of SDK all possible systems and applications can be connected


CortexFramework provides both custom and ready-made applications, such as access control and automated car washing

Key features of CortexFramework

  • CortexFramework is a modular computer vision platform for building any type of computer vision solution.
  • CortexClient is a user-friendly graphical development environment for building computer vision applications without the need of any programming skills.
  • Cortex.NET provides a set of tools to build clientside applications in C# and features a library with well documented API.
  • The SDK features a toolbox to build server-side applications in C++.
  • This computer vision platform also offers the option to integrate deep neural networks.
  • CortexFramework is based on open standards and runs under Windows, Linux and ARM.
  • The use of open standards ensures that third parties can integrate the CortexFramework in their own application.

Create computer vision applications with CortexClient

Building a computer vision application, also known as a Cortex, is done in the intuitive design of CortexClient. It gives access to the available Axons, that can be used to form a Cortex. Every Axon offers its own settings and view. Besides building Cortexes, CortexClient is also used for remote (re)configuration and monitoring of CortexFramework, which makes this computer vision platform both accessible and comprehensible.

Integrate middleware or third-party systems with Cortex.NET and SDK

CortexFramework also offers SDK and Cortex.NET. The main advantage of these toolboxes is that they provide all the necessary resources to integrate self-made middleware and third-party systems. Due to the library with explained API in Cortex.NET, basic programming knowledge is enough to make the required modifications. For experienced programmers there is the option to adjust the entire computer vision platform, including CortexClient.

No matter how experienced you are, you will always find your way in CortexFramework.

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