With the use of accurate video content analysis, CortexCloud provides all possible types of recognition and detection in the cloud. Whether ANPR, people detection, people counting or object detection is needed, CortexCloud makes detection and recognition cost-effective since it uses existing camera systems and there is no longer the need to invest in local servers.
Detection in the cloud

Due to the evolution of video content analysis, the time of estimations has passed. By using detection in the cloud, it is now possible to monitor traffic, people and objects on either a permanent or temporary basis. These accurate analyses can improve facilities, but they can also offer valuable input for security and marketing strategies.

CortexCloud offers AVUTEC’s computer vision platform CortexFramework in the cloud. It comes with a standard computer vision solution, such as people counting, but it is also possible to build a personalized solution. Since CortexCloud uses existing IP camera systems, this service is accessible and affordable for every situation.

Online dashboard

The optional online dashboard of CortexCloud provides a real-time overview of the active detection in the cloud, making it easier to act accordingly. In addition, it shows graphics and statistical reports to give a clear insight in for instance peak hours. The dashboard is customizable to suit all needs, and since it is offered in a browser, it can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

All the acquired detection data can be exported to MS Excel or PDF to provide information for an evaluation or to plan future marketing strategies.



CortexFramework accepts input from all IP camera’s, existing camera systems are used to provide detection in the cloud


CortexCloud doesn’t require the investment in local servers, this makes this service more flexible and cost-effective


The optional online dashboard is customizable and shows all current detection in real-time


CortexCloud offers all the advantages of the AVUTEC’s computer vision platform CortexFramework


CortexCloud can be used to collect traffic data through ANPR, to count people at an event or shopping center, or to detect people at secured areas


The use of CortexCloud is flexible, the detection in the cloud is subscription-based

ANPR in the cloud

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) has many purposes. It can be used to monitor traffic movements or collect traffic flow data, it can be used to count passing vehicles, but it can also facilitate VIP parking at events. By automatically granting access to certain number plates with the use of ANPR, organizers or special guests have the most convenient parking spaces at an event.

CortexCloud provides ANPR in the cloud for both permanent and temporary situations. This service enhances traffic cameras and camera surveillance by adding ANPR, there is no need to invest in new cameras.A

People counting at events

At festivals, fairs, events and important sights, people counting gives insight in the current number of visitors and whether the present facilities are sufficient. Reliable video content analysis at strategic areas, such as an entrance area, provides valuable information that can be used to evaluate the success of an event and form the foundation for a possible next edition.

The detection in the cloud is based on extensive deep learning models that provide reliable data. By offering this solution in the cloud and by accepting input from existing IP camera systems, CortexCloud a cost-effective solution for any event.

Increase security with the use of people detection

Detection in the cloud also offers a people detection solution that can be used as a security measurement at for instance building sites or secured industrial areas. Vandalism or theft can easily be prevented, since the solution can send a message to a security control center or security staff as soon as a person is detected at the site after business hours.