Get insight in customer behavior or enhance security with the use of the detection dashboard of CortexDashboard. It shows comprehensible graphics and statistics based on video content analysis such as ANPR, people detection, people counting and object detection. The customizable dashboard is offered in a browser and shows all the acquired data at a glance.
CortexDetection: The flexible detection dashboard

Cameras in the streets, at petrol stations, car washes and in shopping centers and stores have become a normal part of our lives. They are often used to review security, but these cameras can be used for a lot more. For example: counting people that enter a store or walk through a shopping center with the use of a camera acquires valuable marketing information. By reviewing all this information in a detection dashboard, it is a lot easier to improve sales strategies.

CortexDashboard visualizes large amounts of data and gives an instant overview of peak hours, the number of people that enter a store compared to the number of purchases that have been made and the most popular areas of a store.

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  • day time
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ANPR in a dashboard

At petrol stations and car washes cameras recognize number plates, and therefore also returning customers. The number plates are the foundation of loyalty programs and subscriptions, while the detection dashboard of CortexDashboard shows additional information. This can be the number of people that also make a purchase at the shop of a petrol station, the type of vehicles that use the carwash the most or the average number of times a vehicle uses the car wash.

At the entrance of a secured area, CortexDashboard gives insight in the number of vehicles that enter the area. Since this detection dashboard also offers a live-feed from the camera, it is also used to enhance security. The dashboard shows unknown or unauthorized number plates in an instance.

Build your own computer vision application with CortexFramework

CortexFramework is AVUTEC’s versatile computer vision platform that allows users to build and manage personalized computer vision applications from a single modular development and operational environment. With the use of the graphical interface of CortexClient tailored detection solutions are build with a wide variety of available building blocks.

The output of the tailored detection solution can be shown in the detection dashboard of CortexDashboard. Since this dashboard is also completely adjustable, obtaining the required detection data has never been easier.


Real-time overview

The object detection dashboard shows a real-time overview, including a live feed from the camera(s)

All types of detection

With the use of CortexFramework all types of detection can be developed. The data of ANPR, people detection, people counting or object detection is shown in CortexDashboard


AVUTEC’s CortexFramework is a flexible computer vision platform that forms the foundation of CortexDashboard

All data in one screen

CortexDashboard is customizable to provide all the required data in a single screen

The Gatekeeper

The most suitable camera to provide input for the object detection dashboard is the embedded IoT camera the Gatekeeper. It provides highly accurate detection in all lighting conditions


Build a tailored computer vision solution with the use of the graphical interface of CortexClient