X-Series Gatekeeper TraffiXANPR camera
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Recognising license plates of free flow traffic is what the Gatekeeper TraffiX does best. With its IR sensitive monochrome camera, IR LEDs, motorized zoom lens (6-20 meters) and daylight filter it captures license plates at a stunning 70fps. The colour camera is used for overview, recording and deep learning tasks like detection and classification. Its powerful hardware allow for ANPR and a deep learning task running in the same time resulting in a multi tasking state of the art device. The Gatekeeper TraffiX is the best choice for recognition of license plates for traffic with speeds above 50km/h.


ANPR installation of Gatekeeper TraffiX at industrial area

The capacity to multitask and perform several recognition networks in parallel, compresses the necessity of multiple camera systems down to just a single Gatekeeper. The camera combines precision and accuracy in a cost efficient and deployment friendly solution for many projects. Recognition runs continuously without the need of external triggers. It’s specifications places this Gatekeeper at the forefront of todays AI camera’s.

Mounted above the highway the Gatekeeper TraffiX provides real time information about traffic flow. Accurate recognition results and contextual data trigger relevant alerts and alarms, assisting centralists and security officers in their daily jobs. To policymakers it offers a source of valuable data to gain insights about traffic flow.


  • All video processing and analytics is performed on board
  • No need for extra server capacity or power supply
  • Transmitting just the detection results and metadata ensures low bandwidth usage and privacy
  • Operation continues during Internet failure
  • On board low light and IR sensitive camera
  • Built-in IR illumination
  • Powered by CortexFramework
  • IR sensitive high speed ANPR sensor (60fps)
  • Low light sensitive camera for recording, overview or source for additional image analysis
  • Real-time license plate recognition rate of 50fps
  • Vehicle speeds of up to 200 km/h
  • Equipped with the latest technology in embedded processing power
  • Additional built-in neural processing unit
  • High framerate light sensitive sensors
  • Highly accurate recognition networks, hardware optimized for real-time video performance
  • In-house developed AI platform, CortexFramework, developed for speed and flexibility
  • A sun cap, daylight filter and built-in illumination for LPR in all weather and lighting conditions
  • IR sensitive high speed ANPR sensor (70fps)
  • Low light sensitive colour camera for overview, recording and additional recognition routines
  • Accurate and fast ANPR engine based on deep learning and computer vision technology
  • Country specific syntax check
  • Vehicle classification to detect unreadable license plates
  • Direction of travel detection

Equipped with a neural processing unit, the TraffiX runs complementory deep learning algorithms in parallel.

  • Vehicle classification for traffic modalities
  • Custom trained networks
  • Built-in Database, FTP server and Webservice (REST) connectivity
  • Built-in interfaces for e.g. Wiegand, RS-485 and OSDP
  • I/O ports to operate and read electronic devices
  • Ready made connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access control and other management systems.
  • Triggers and actions
  • Access to AVUTEC’s integration, commisioning and scripting service
  • SDK for client side application development

Read more about integration and connectivity.

  • Integrated motorized zoomlens
    5-30 meters recognition range
  • Single cable installation by PoE+ and network connectivity
  • 40° X and Y axis recognition angle
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Wall, ceiling and pole mounting options all available
  • Deployment in any outdoor or industrial environment due to a rugged design and IP66 rating
  • A sun cap, daylight filter, infrared sensor and built-in illumination for optimized LPR in all weather and lighting conditions
  • High shutter speed and profile sequencing to regulate light intensity and image sharpness
  • CortexClient
    Windows based graphical client to manage, monitor and (re)configure all Gatekeepers
  • CortexConnect
    Remote access tool to connect with all Gatekeepers without port forwarding, opening a firewall or setting up a VPN
  • Maintenance and customer support was never so responsive
  • Law enforcement
  • Mobility and smart city
  • Tolling


Augmented with contextual data

The augmentation of ANPR reads with car metadata, directional information and timestamps provide contextual data to trigger more specified actions or alarms. Contextual data is the base for traffic analysis and statistics. Data based anomoly detection algorithms and predefined conditions trigger alarms and assist security offers in the field.

The surplus of complementory detection algorithms

The distinction between trucks, motors and cars on top of ANPR provide refined tools for analytics and statistics. Traffic flow can be monitored and counted. Trafic movements can be tracked over time to adjust traffic flow and management.


Flexible positioning

Having a varifocal lense, the Gatekeeper TraffiX provides flexible positioning during installation. With only one cable and a Power of Ethernet (PoE+) switch, the Gatekeeper is up and running in no time.

Remote management

Each Gatekeeper comes with a set of remote management tools to configure, monitor and manage each device from behind a desk. Remote access facilitates high quality support with fast response time, while maintenance costs are minimized.

The latest technology

The Gatekeeper TraffiX is designed with growth in mind. The flexibility of CortexFramework and the use of the latest neural networking technology ensure a future proof system ready for new modules and capabilities over time.


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