The Gatekeeper is AVUTEC’s embedded ANPR camera, it has an internal ANPR engine to analyze images for number plate recognition. This unique and powerful all-in-one device contains the latest technology in sensors, LED illumination and embedded processing units. Through seamless integration of AVUTEC’s expertise in hardware, software and intelligent system integration, the Gatekeeper pushes edge computing to the limit.

The Gatekeeper is made to excel

A main distinctive value of the Gatekeeper relies on the fact that it includes ANPR embedded software, manufactured by in-house computer vision engineers. Since AVUTEC is dedicated to achieving nothing less than perfection, this embedded ANPR camera has been designed and built to excel, offering maximum accuracy and convenience to end users.

The Gatekeeper can flawlessly read number plates at close range as well as at a distance up to 25 meters. In addition, the Gatekeeper has infinite possibilities to integrate with third party systems, such as automated carwash systems, parking management systems, security systems and many others.

The Gatekeeper at a glance

Powerful all-in-one device

The Gatekeeper contains a powerful ANPR engine, no extra processing units are necessary

Dual sensor

This embedded ANPR camera contains both an IR sensitive sensor and a context color camera

Easy installation

The integrated junction box at the back of the Gatekeeper makes sure the camera is easy to install, solid and vandal proof

embedded ANPR camera

Flexible positioning

The Gatekeeper comes in two models, both have internal motorized zoom lenses. They cover distances from 2 to 25 meters


This user-friendly graphical environment is used to configure and monitor the Gatekeeper


This embedded ANPR camera integrates with third party systems such as automated carwash systems, parking management systems and security systems

Facts about the Gatekeeper

  • The Gatekeeper contains both an ANPR (IR) sensor and a context camera.
  • The large viewing angle of 40˚, combined with the internal motorized zoom lens, makes the position of the Gatekeeper infinitely flexible.
  • Due to the internal IR LED illumination, this embedded ANPR camera reads number plates in both low light conditions and the dark.
  • The daylight filter decreases sensitivity to direct sunlight and headlight disturbances.
  • The Gatekeeper has IP66/67 rating. Due to the wide operational temperature range of -18˚C to +45˚C, the Gatekeeper can function in every outdoor application and industrial harsh environments.
  • The Gatekeeper is a plug and play IoT device (PoE+, IEEE802.3at) that just needs a single cable for both electricity and internet.
  • An integrated junction box at the back of the embedded ANPR camera makes sure the sensor is easy to install, solid and vandal proof.
  • The Gatekeeper has configurable outputs and includes a Wiegand interface.
  • Maintenance costs and response time are minimized because of the fully remote configuration and monitoring, made easy by CortexClient.

The Gatekeeper comes in two models

The Gatekeeper Access, optimized for access control solutions, is available in two  models: the GK410 and the GK1250. The difference between the two embedded ANPR cameras are the distinct motorized zoom lenses. The GK410 is optimized to read number plates within 2 to 6 meters, while the GK1250 is suitable to read number plates within a 6 to 25 meters distance. The choice between these two models is based on the distance of the required ANPR.

The Gatekeeper Traffic has a recognition range of 6-20 meter distance, reading license plates up to a speed of 200km/h.

The great advantage of both Gatekeeper models is that they do not have to be placed right next to a gate or road. They can also be mounted on a more distant wall or a post. This makes the Gatekeeper the most flexible ANPR camera ever offered.


CortexFramework, the foundation every AVUTEC product, is a modular platform for building personalized ANPR solutions. By establishing a personalized configuration, ANPR events can trigger actions and alarms across any integrated system. Next to working seamlessly with the Gatekeeper, CortexFramework also offers the option to use the Gatekeeper for other computer vision analysis applications besides ANPR.

CortexFramework is based on open standards and has well documented API’s. The use of open standards ensures that third parties can integrate CortexFramework in their application.


The Gatekeeper is remotely configured with CortexClient. This visual environment for designing personalized ANPR solutions is intuitive and user-friendly, with a few clicks complex behavior is implemented by using the available building blocks (Axons). Each Axon gives live performance information and provides its own settings to perfect the sharpness and clarity of the view.

In addition, CortexClient is also used to monitor the embedded ANPR camera. The images of both the IR sensitive sensor and a context color camera can be viewed in this visual environment.

PayByPlate technology

The Gatekeeper triggers actions based on number plates. Next to connectivity with access controllers, SQL databases and video management systems, this embedded ANPR camera can now also handle financial transactions. By interfacing with secure payment platforms the Gatekeeper is now able to make automated payments on behalf of the driver or owner of the car.

Learn how your organization can benefit from the Gatekeeper and it’s applications. Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected].

See the Gatekeeper live in action and learn about all possibilities during a demonstration at AVUTEC. Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment.