Parking has never been so convenient and smart, thanks to the AVUTEC hospitality integration. Whether it concerns a hotel, a holiday park, a wellness facility or a sports club, ANPR based entry allowance welcomes guests and members with a welcoming experience.
As soon as a license plate is registered in a connected reservation system, the gate will automatically open during the reservation period, day and night. Guests and club members can easily drive into the carpark before they’ve even checked in, and there’s no need for entry or exit tickets during the entire stay or throughout the membership.
Smart parking: a welcoming solution

An AVUTEC ANPR camera and a barrier is all that is needed for a smooth parking experience. Integrated with a reservation system or access controller, this solution does not need an extra software package to deploy license plate based parking. Just add a license plate to the relevant booking in the reservation system and the parking facility will open, while automatically checking the period of a guest’s stay.

Linked with a membership management system, smart parking grants access to authorized license plates throughout the duration of a membership.

The AI camera communicates directly with the reservation or membership system and operates any gate or barrier autonomously. Simplicity makes this solution ideal and affordable, even for small venues.

Access control systems (connected to your PMS) are widely used in the hospitality industry. The AI camera interfaces with any access control system via Wiegand, OSDP or IP connection.

Whether there is an access control system, or just the reservation or a membership management system, AVUTEC offers high-tech convenience for all guests and employees of all hospitality enterpreneurs.


AVUTEC features different models to meet all project requirements. The Gatekeeper 410X and 1250X can be ceiling, pole or wall mounted. They perform nearby license plate recognition as well as recognition up to a distance of 25 meters.

The Module-X IR is designed to be built in and installed standalone. Due to its many mounting options, it can be installed on a wall, a ceiling or a pole. Mounted on any fixed infrastructure, it performs its tasks in a discreet manner.
Besides standalone installation, this compact model with its sleek design can be built into a terminal or access control peripheral by any party.



No cars in front of the hotel blocking the street or entrance. Guests just drive up to the parking facility and their license plate opens the gate. During their stay they freely enter the car park as many times they want without thoughts about access tokens.

Holiday parks

Hassle-free access offers guests a complete smooth stay and frees the way to a relaxed holiday. Forgotten or lost access cards belong to the past saving time and stress to both guests and staff.  A validated license plate opens the doors to a wonderful stay.

Holiday homes

To upgrade a holiday home to a modern, luxurious and convenient paradise invisible technology is the way to go. Well implemeted high tech products just leave the memory of an incredible stay.


The AVUTEC ANPR engine

AVUTEC’s AI cameras achieve their plate capture accuracy thanks to the in-house developed ANPR engine. The technology is backed by over 10 years of AI ANPR analytics, research and development. Due to constant evolution the engine is highly accurate, even in bad weather conditions or in reading plates at difficult angles. The ANPR engine features generic ANPR and country specific modules. Tailormade modules can be trained or configured to meet project requirements.


With deep learning and edge computing evolving, more advanced access control solutions are feasible now. All the models of the X-Series feature an on board neural processing unit, giving them advanced, future proof capabilities. They perform ANPR-X, the AVUTEC AI license plate recognition package.

Besides accurate license plate readings, ANPR-X gathers comprehensive vehicle information to look beyond a license plate. It implements contextual intelligence and additional AI video analysis to augment ANPR. The ANPR-X recognition results offer all the information required for more fine grained and sophisticated applications.

Connectivity and integration

The strength of CortexFramework is in its flexibility and connectivity. The AI integration platform offers a choice of smart computer vision modules to analyse video content. To unlock the ANPR engine and make it accessible for businesses,  AVUTEC made its platform highly integrable by developing connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access / Parking control and other management systems. CortexFramework is the link with any security, parking or smart city ecosystem and the implementation of AI algorithms.

IP based or I/O pin

The ANPR camera performs actions based on number plates and recognition results. It interfaces with access controllers and opens gates for approved number plates.  CortexFramework includes a Wiegand and OSDP interface and  supports IP based access control systems. The optional I/O extender in the back of the GatekeeperX and the IO cable of the ModuleX can directly operate a gate or barrier.


Remote support

Maintenance costs and response time are minimized because of the fully remote configuration and monitoring of all AVUTEC products, made easy and cost effective by the license free management tool, CortexClient. The graphical interface of CortexClient provides all the tools to offer customers full remote support, saving time and money for all parties involved.

24/7 embedded license plate recognition

Embedded ANPR has many benefits. Installation is less complex, the embedded camera does not need extra peripherals or server capacity to run recognition. One cable and a PoE+ switch is all that is required. While video processing and analysing is performed real-time inside the device, only recognition results are shared with third-party systems, requiring minimal bandwidth.
When Ethernet fails, ANPR in the cloud will be unavailable. Recognition on the edge will simply continue. That garantuees 24/7 operation: The embedded camera will keep opening the barrier for the authenticated license plate.