Integration and support

When you choose to purchase AVUTEC products, you can trust that our team of highly dedicated support professionals will be there to help you every step of the way. Whether you require assistance regarding system functionalities, maintenance or updates, AVUTEC’s support team will provide you with the answers you need.

Call our support team at +31 88 2444 020 or send an e-mail to [email protected].


AVUTEC products are designed to integrate with any third-party system. We facilitate our partners in all their integration and connectivity requirements with off-the-shelf integration options and additional integration services.

We gladly support our integration partners in their process of developing both client and server side applications and middleware. Therefor we developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a socket interface, that provide system integrators all of the flexibility in developing their own application that best fits their ecosystem.

For all questions and requests about integration and connectivity, our sales team can be reached at +31 88 2444 010 or [email protected].

TRAINING SESSIONS: become an AVUTEC product specialist

Quality and optimal performance lead to happy customers. To bring this quality to all end users we developed training sessions for support professionals and installers to reguire the necessary knowledge of our products.
For integrators and IT specialists we offer a course to develop a C# client for CortexFramework using our API.

Training 1: Commissioning and support

The commissioning and support course offers a full introduction to the Avutec ecosystem. It is developed for installers, technicians and support professionals at a beginner and intermediate level.
Its combination of theory and hands-on examples will train participants to configure, manage and monitor CortexFramework.

Training 2: Integration and development

This course is developed for integrators and system developers to build C# client-side applications interfacing with CortexFramework.
Participants will build a sample application within the Avutec ecosystem. In the sample all functionality of the Cortex.NET library is used for a complete overview of the possibilities of CortexFramework.