Holiday Park Pfalz, located in Germany, is a vital component of the Plopsaland group—a collection of theme parks spread throughout Belgium and Europe. Renowned for their attractions themed around popular Studio 100 media characters, these parks draw numerous visitors annually. To facilitate a safer and in the same time pleasant guest experience, ANPR cameras are installed to streamline the processes of parking vehicles and dropping off children and other visitors.

Addressing traffic safety concerns at holiday park Pfalz: Solutions for safer drop-offs

Holiday Park Pfalz is located adjacent to a main road where the maximum allowed speed is 100 km per hour. The amusement park’s parking is chargeable. Some customers do not want to enter and pay for the parking, resulting in parents or guardians dropping off their children on the busy main road. This practice can lead to dangerous situations. Due to complaints about traffic disruptions on the main road, the Pfalz municipality has requested Plopsaland to find a solution to this traffic issue.

Introducing a free of charge KISS & RIDE Zone with License Plate Recognition

The solution is found in introducing a KISS & RIDE zone based on License Plate Recognition. Upon entry to the parking lot, the vehicle’s license plate is automatically captured and registered. Should the vehicle exit within 45 minutes the barrier will open automatically without purchasing a parking ticket.

AVUTEC's Innovative Camera Integration at Plopsaland

For this project, AVUTEC has supplied five units of ModuleX, a compact embedded camera system specialized in license plate recognition. These cameras are seamlessly integrated into blue terminals at Plopsaland, enhancing the project-specific aesthetics and demonstrating the advanced integration capabilities of AVUTEC ANPR cameras. This project serves as a prime example of their functional and aesthetic adaptability.

Bernd Beitz, Director Germany of the park operator Plopsa, says: “In recent years, we have noticed that many people park on the street or with neighbors across the road to let their children out. With the introduction of license plate recognition, there is now the possibility to allow these short-term parkers to park safely—without having to pay for it.”
Key Features of the ModuleX Cameras at Plopsaland:
  • Highly Accurate Onboard License Plate Recognition: The cameras perform real-time, highly accurate license plate recognition, essential for efficient vehicle management.
  • Real-Time Vehicle Database Management: Each camera maintains an internal, real-time database of vehicles that have entered the park, ensuring up-to-date vehicle tracking.
  • Master-Slave Configuration: The master camera is located at the entry point, with slave cameras at three exits plus at a second entry. These modules connect to the master to update and consult the vehicle database, enhancing synchronization across all points.
  • Efficient Vehicle Processing: At the exits, the cameras perform a database lookup of recognized license plates to compare entry and exit times.
  • Automatic Barrier Operations: The built-in relay functionality enables the cameras to open barriers if a vehicle has been inside the park for less than 45 minutes.
  • Seamless Video Streaming and Data Integration: The cameras stream video to the IDIS Solution Suite (VMS) and send recognition results via a webservice. Recognition results are further utilized for bookmarking by a custom-made script.

This deployment not only showcases the adaptability and efficiency of AVUTEC’s ANPR cameras but also highlights their role in enhancing visitor experience through innovative technology integration at Plopsaland.

A collaboration between AVUTEC, IDIS Belgium and AGB

This project has been established in collaboration with AVUTEC, IDIS Belgium, and Alarm Group Belgium (AGB), aimed at deploying advanced, integrated security solutions. AVUTEC brings its specialized all-in-one ANPR camera systems to the table, IDIS Belgium contributes its extensive range of surveillance technologies, and AGB offers tailored security services to address diverse needs.

IDIS Belgium

IDIS global is a leader in security solutions, specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of advanced surveillance technologies. Founded in 1997, the company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of surveillance equipment, from cameras and DVRs to sophisticated video management software.
Besides supplying surveillance technology, IDIS Belgium offers customized advice. Through collaborative thinking and offering innovative solutions, IDIS Belgium has grown into one of the most forward-thinking CCTV suppliers in the Benelux region.

AGB, Alarm Group Belgium

Alarm Group Belgium, with years of experience and a vigilant eye, is a security partner in Belgium. The company offers a range of security solutions including burglary protection, fire detection, camera surveillance, and access control, tailored for both residential homes and businesses. Alarm Group Belgium provides suitable alarm systems for every situation. Moreover, the company’s commitment extends beyond installation; they offer annual maintenance of devices, perform repairs, and are available around the clock for emergency assistance. At Alarm Group Belgium, the priority is always on the customer.