Parking has never been so simple and so smart thanks to AVUTEC’s integration with Mews. As soon as a guest’s license plate is entered in the Mews system, the gate will automatically recognize it and open every time, day and night. That means that upon arrival, guests can easily enter the carpark before they’ve even checked in, and there’s no need for entry or exit tickets during the entire stay.

The Gatekeeper ANPR camera

A Gatekeeper, the AVUTEC embedded ANPR camera, a parking barrier, and a modern hospitality platform like Mews is all you need for a smooth parking experience.
From now on the gate will automatically open to welcome your guests!

How AVUTEC works with Mews

MEWS AVUTEC ANPR integration

The AVUTEC integration connects to the Mews Hospitality Cloud through an API. It’s fully integrated, meaning your staff don’t need to install or operate another system. All they need to do is add a license plate to the relevant booking within Mews Operations, and your parking facility will open automatically for the duration of the guest’s stay.

A barrier or electrically operated gate

The Gatekeeper communicates directly with the Mews Operations reservation system. A barrier or electrically operated gate and a Gatekeeper is all you need to implement parking based on license plate recognition.

Access control systems are widely used in the hospitality industry – the Gatekeeper interfaces with any system via Wiegand or IP connection.

Whether there is an access control system or just a reservation solution like Mews Operations, AVUTEC offers high tech convenience to guests of all hospitality entrepreneurs.


AVUTEC is manufacturer of hardware and developer of software in the field of computer vision and AI. Our integration platform, CortexFramework, features video content analysis modules that are easily integrable into third party systems. The Gatekeeper, our embedded camera with its powerfull hardware, is designed to run CortexFramework and it’s modules. We are specialists in license plate recognition and it’s  applications.

Hospitality entrepeneurs

AVUTEC brings it’s products through a network of internationally operating installers and integrators to end-users.
As a hospitality entrepeneur the fastest way to an installation is to contact our sales department.

Installers and integrators

At AVUTEC we are always happy to welcome new installers and integrators. We like to hear about your projects and explore the opportunities we can develop together.