About Mews

Cloud-based property management software (PMS) that helps hotels and hostels automate their operations so they can focus on their guests. The software is extendible with apps and plugins and can be managed from any device and at anytime.


Connector type

License Plate Recognition plugin

  1. Gatekeeper-X or Module-X
  2. IO extender
  3. Electrically operated gate
  4. Optional access control system

Integration with the Mews Property Management System to automate entry allowance of a parking facility based on license plate recogntion.

  1.  A Mews user adds one or multiple license plates to a reservation in Mews PMS
  2.  Arrival and departures times can be adjusted for early check-in or late check-outs
  3. The Gatekeeper-X or Module-X smart camera recognizes the license plate of an approaching car.
  4.  After recognition the camera performs a database lookup to find a matching license plate meanwhile checking the period of stay before opening the gate.
  5.  A guest is free to enter and exit the parking facility during his/her entire stay.
  6.  The AVUTEC Mews plugin is ready-to-use and easy to set up. Configuration is done once during the installation of the camerasystem by the installer or integrator with CortexClient, the AVUTEC camera commissioning tool.

All X-Series models can send a Wiegand signal for an access control system to open a gate or communicate with any third party system via a webservice. In stand alone mode the camera directly operates a gate via the IO extender module. Specialised VMS connectors can place bookmarks in a VMS for easy search of events.

Add one or multiple license plates to a reservation in the Mews property management system
Add a client specific Mews accesstoken in CortexClient