Module-X IR

AI camera for on the edge ANPR-X and video analysis

The Module-X IR is designed to offer an all-in-one camera system for ANPR based parking and access control solutions. 

The camera can be mounted standalone or built-in into a terminal.

Equipped with neural processing power, the Module-X performs license plate recognition and additional video analysis routines simultaneously.
The many built-in communication protocols and interfaces provide third party systems with recognition results.

The camera’s modularity and wealth of features, makes the Module-X versatile and widely applicable. By default, the Module-X offers such a wide array of features, that it provides a solution for most projects right out of the box.
Hardware and software agility facilitate the adjustments necessary to meet specific project requirements.


  • All video processing and analytics is performed on board
  • No need for extra server capacity or power supply
  • Transmitting just the detection results and metadata ensures low bandwidth usage and privacy
  • Operation continues during Internet failure
  • Dual camera system: on board low light and IR sensitive camera
  • Built-in IR illumination
  • ONVIF compatible video streaming
  • Powered by CortexFramework
  • Wall, pole or ceiling mounting options all available
  • Built-in kit for integration into any bollard, access control periferral, EV charging unit and scan or patrol vehicle.
  • Single cable installation by PoE+ for power and network connectivity
  • Low light sensitive colour sensor
  • IR sensitive sensor
  • Recognition quality images / video
  • Day and night performance
  • All weather and lighting conditions

Equipped with a powerful neural processing unit, the Module-X IR runs a choice of complementory deep learning algorithms in parallel.

  • People or object tracking, counting and detection
  • Movement analysis; for instance intrusion detection
  • Binary vehicle classification to detect unreadable license plates
  • Multiple class vehicle classification for traffic modalities
  • Custom trained networks
  • A daylight filter, infrared sensitive camera and built-in illumination for LPR in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Colour camera for overview, recording and extra source for ANPR processing
  • Accurate and fast ANPR engine based on deep learning and computer vision technology
  • Country specific syntax check
  • Vehicle classification to detect unreadable license plates
  • Direction of travel detection
  • Tailormade ANPR modules
  • On board rule engine to trigger alarms and notifications on predefined events
  • Connector Axons to output the notifications to any third party system
  • High quality AI recognition minimises false alarms
  • Able to make autonomous decisions on predefined rules
  • Deployment in any outdoor or industrial environment due to a rugged design and IP66 rating
  • Wide temperature range to ensure worldwide operation
  • CortexClient
    Windows based graphical client to manage, monitor and (re)configure all AVUTEC devices
  • CortexConnect
    Remote access tool to connect with all AVUTEC devices without port forwarding, opening a firewall or setting up a VPN
  • Maintenance and customer support was never so responsive
  • Built-in Database, FTP server and Webservice (REST) connectivity
  • Built-in interfaces for e.g. Wiegand, RS-485 and OSDP
  • I/O ports to operate and read electronic devices
  • Ready made connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access control and other management systems.
  • Triggers and actions
  • Access to AVUTEC’s integration, commisioning and scripting service
  • SDK for client side application development
  • ONVIF compatible video streaming

Read more about integration and connectivity.

  • Built-in interfaces for e.g. RS-485 and OSDP
  • I/O ports to operate and read electronic devices
  • On board video storage capacity enables edge based recording
  • For incident tracking and performance monitoring
  • Cloud based video management
  • Bookmarking
  • Searcheable video fragments


Recognition quality images

Two cameras designed to generate video images, ideal for recognition, make the Module-X IR a specialist in extracting valuable information from video. Simultaneously the IR and the colour camera deliver video for reliable license plate recognition and additional detection, classification or tracking algorithms.

Rugged and weatherproof

The IP66-rated enclosure ensures a rugged design and construction that is suitable for outdoor use. Weatherproof and with a wide temperature range, the Module-X IR ensures worldwide operation.


Modern looks and a sleek design, make a compact and discreet device with great sensory abilities. Due to its many mounting options, the Module-X IR can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or pole. Mounted on any fixed infrastructure, the Module-X IR performs its tasks in a discreet manner.
The Module-X IR can be built into a terminal or access control peripheral by any party. Mounted on top or built into a scan car it performs mobile recognition.


Parking industry

At parking areas, the Module-X IR authorises vehicles to enter based on their license plates and a managed white list. By keeping track of incoming license plates, the exact number of currently parked vehicles is known. Extra information about direction, vehicle type and timestamps provide all the data for more sophisticated parking solutions. More advanced, the module can be integrated with payment systems to handle payments autonomously. The Module-X IR is versatile and performs all these tasks on board. Therefore it makes a complete and convenient solution in smart parking management.

Car wash industry

It is this industry implementing automated payments with great success. Getting a clean car was never easier. Subscription or discounted washing based on a license plate has become a commercial must for carwash owners. It cannot become more convenient than this. The carwash industry has embraced license plate recognition and its benefits in a magnificent way offering customers optimal service.

Smart EV charging

The combination of license plate recognition, vehicle classification and integration modules makes the Module-X IR the perfect device to automate EV charging solutions. When the EV battery is fully charged, an alarm is send to both the car owner and an alarm center for the car to make space for the next one. Smart EV charging stations with license plate recognition can automatically handle the payment as well.


Software versatality

As all AVUTEC product feature CortexFramework at their base, the Module-X IR is no exception to the rule. The merge of image processing, content analysis and vast integration features guarantees accurate recognition and integration with any third party system. All the functionality of CortexFramework built-in in a small smart device!

Remote management

With CortexFramework at its base, CortexClient and CortexConnect make sure commissioning and management is done remotely, keeping maintenance cost low and customer support responsive and fast.