dual camera imaging technology to capture 3D information
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Designed for deep learning and 3D analysis of stereo view video, the Module-X 3D is equipped with two onboard colour cameras and AI analysis technology.
The cameras are precisely positioned to capture 3D video information. The Module-X 3D pairs this information with deep learning algorithms to detect and locate humans or track objects and movements in real time. 3D depth information is translated into the exact location of an object in the real world. Its generalistic character offers the choice to either detect and classify objects or people, calculate their exact 3D position or interpret their pose.
Modern looks, a sleek design and neural processing power turn this model into a discreet device with great 3D sensory abilities.


  • All video processing and analytics is performed on board
  • No need for extra server capacity or power supply
  • Transmitting just the detection results and metadata ensures low bandwidth usage and privacy
  • Operation continues during Internet failure
  • Two on board 4K full colour cameras
  • Powered by CortexFramework
  • Localisation of objects and people in 3D space
  • Tracking of objects and people
  • Pose and gesture analysis
  • Detection and classification of standard objects and people
  • Custom trained networks for tailormade solutions
  • All recognition modules are optimised for edge performance
  • On board rule engine to trigger alarms and notifications on predefined events
  • Autonomous decision making on predefined rules
  • Connector Axons to output the notifications to any third party system
  • High quality recognition minimises false alarms

  • CortexClient
    Windows based graphical client to manage, monitor and (re)configure all AVUTEC devices
  • CortexConnect
    Remote access tool to connect with all AVUTEC devices without port forwarding, opening a firewall or setting up a VPN
  • Maintenance and customer support was never so responsive
  • Deployment in any outdoor or industrial environment due to a rugged design and IP66 rating
  • Wide temperature range to ensure worldwide operation
  • I/O ports to operate and read electronic devices
  • Wall, pole or ceiling mounting options all available
  • Built-in kit for integration in any bollard, access control unit or vehicle
  • Single cable installation by PoE+ and network connectivity
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Built-in Database, FTP server and Webservice (REST) connectivity
  • Built-in interfaces for e.g. RS-485 and OSDP
  • I/O ports to operate and read electronic devices or recieve external triggers
  • Ready made connectors to VMS, POS, loyalty, PSIM, SMS, Access control and other management systems.
  • Triggers and actions
  • Access to AVUTEC’s integration, commisioning and scripting service
  • SDK for client side application development
  • ONVIF compatible video streaming

Read more about integration and connectivity.

  • On board video storage capacity enables edge based recording
  • For incident tracking and performance monitoring
  • Cloud based video management
  • Bookmarking
  • Searcheable video fragments


Dual lens technology

The Module-X is equipped with two cameras, qualifying this device for deep learning and 3D video analysis. Two colour visual sensors are positioned to perform 3D analysis on stereo view video to precisely locate a vehicle or person in videoframe, measure the distance between objects and people, examine 3D information for movement analysis and interprets gestures and posture of humans or animals.

Multi purpose camera system

Powered by its multi pupose hardware and computational strength, the Module-X 3D runs an unlimited variety of recognition modules. Its generalistic character offers the choice to either detect and classify objects or people, calculate their exact 3D position or interpret their pose. The combination of the AVUTEC AI integration platform, a choice of pre-trained networks and its unique hardware constellation, offers a device that is unique in the world and it’s versatility.


Lean recognition modules

Deep learning and computer vision techniques have evolved enormousely during the last decade. They have become reliable techniques in an increasingly more intelligent world. Computationally heavy, these techniques needed transformation to ensure smooth on the edge operation. Optimised for real time edge performance, the AVUTEC recognition modules, ensure a smooth on the edge performance. To implement AI in smart visual solutions, the Module-X 3D is an ideal device.

Unique AI solutions

Whether it concerns the exact localisation of an object in 3D space, the counting of leaves on a plant or the recognition of animals and the interpretation of their behavior, the Module-X 3D is the device of choice. Its multipurpose hardware enables the Module-X 3D to run customly trained networks and perform nonstandard detection algorithms. Computational strength, high quality imaging and a full blown AI integration platform pave the way for unique AI solutions.


Modern looks and small posture make a compact and discreet device with great sensory abilities. Its elegant and modern design makes it fit in any indoor environment. The many mounting options allow for tailor made positioning.
Still the IP66-rated enclosure ensures a rugged design and construction that is made for outdoor use. The design and build of the Module-X 3D combines good looks and discretion with ruggedness. This device can be used both indoor and outdoor.


Software versatality

As all AVUTEC product feature CortexFramework at their base, the Module -X 3D is no exception to the rule. The merge of image processing, content analysis and vast integration features guarantees accurate recognition and integration with any third party system. All the functionality of CortexFramework built-in in a small smart device!

Remote management

With CortexFramework at the modules base, CortexClient and CortexConnect make sure commissioning and management is done remotely, keeping maintenance cost low and customer support responsive and fast.