About Network Optix

Network Optix is a software development company focused on creating cutting edge video management solutions. It’s core product – Nx VMS – is an open, lightweight, customizable video management platform capable of managing offline media, live video streams, and integrated 3rd party systems and devices.


Connector type

Video Management System


The integration of a Network Optix connector in CortexFramework facilitates bookmarking license plate events in Nx Witness VMS. Next to the license plate a bookmark can contain meta data like make, model or direction of the car. A recognized license plate is the trigger for client specific bookmarks. Bookmarks can be configured with CortexClient.

As a plus bookmarking with a license plate eases the search in Nx Witness VMS. Our platform provides the RTSP stream from the Gatekeeper. Avutec products are ONVIF compatible.