Professional trained teamplayer

Integration and connectivity
Our camera systems are often part of bigger system solutions. Such a multi-party integration is like a relay race, where each member of the team completes his part, after which (s)he passes the baton to the next team member. For the team to win, all members have to be trained for their task and qualify as team players. 

Projection service

A good projection combines calculations of the focal length of the lens, the viewing angles and pixel density with situational conditions and project requirements.
It takes a careful weighing of all aspects to achieve the perfect visual recognition, observation, detection and monitoring zones. The effort will pay off, as it results in a well-functioning application, happy and satisfied customers. 

Triggers & actions:

If this than that
To behave smarter, a LPR system must interact with the world of connected devices. It needs to communicate with other systems and respond to specific circumstances.
An ANPR read (a recognized license plate) should be able to trigger personalized actions. Our ANPR camera, the Gatekeeper, offers connectivity and personalized behavior where other ANPR camera’s stop. 

Embedded face mask detection

BREDA – AVUTEC, a Dutch manufacturer of AI cameras launches edge-based  face mask detection.
Their AI camera analyzes video images in real time and detects face masks with high frame rates and without latency. While recognition is done completely on-device, the camera only transmits detection results, ensuring low bandwidth usage and privacy. Read more

Artificial intelligence: a digital assistant

Most European governments decided to make wearing face masks in public transport mandatory. In many companies a face mask protects the health of employees. How do we monitor and maintain these new regulations and behavioral changes? The answer can be found in artificial intelligence.

Welcoming guests with technology

More and more hotels and holiday parks offer their guests a smooth experience with our ANPR technology.
From now on license plate recognition is integrated in the Mews reservation system. Usage is simple: Just add a license plate to a reservation in Mews and the Gatekeeper will open the gate during the entire stay of a guest.

Contactless payment with a license plate

In daily life we all use our bankcard or mobile phone to pay contactless. We are used to the easy and secure way of payment. What if there is another way of contactless payment? What if we could pay with our license plate? Would we embrace it?