The Module-X IR is our brand-new, all in one camera-system for nearby license plate recognition, build for vehicle access control installations and automated parking solutions. AVUTEC is pleased to offer a very compact device, that is compliant with the latest and the most popular integration protocols. This ANPR camera-system offers both OSDP and Wiegand pass reader protocols, plus two internal relays to operate a gate, traffic light or other signalling device directly. Using the Module-X IR, each license plate access or parking project can be fitted with the best and most integrated ANPR camera system, being available now.

OSDP, a new security industry standard

As a highly secure and reliable communication protocol, OSDP is recommended more often by security professionals and offered by modern access control panels. The need for a secure access authorization interface that is easy to manage and still user friendly, made OSDP a true successor for Wiegand. Since OSDP is an open security industry standard, the Module-X IR communicates with any OSDP / RS-485 enabled access control system to provide higher security levels and a more robust hardware interface, that is flexible and scalable. Now other RS-485 based protocols like Modbus are just around the corner, e.g. for industrial weighing systems.

AVUTEC did not forgot Wiegand

Not all vehicle access control installations require such advanced security interfacing to its peripherals. For many license plate based access projects, Wiegand will still be the pass reader interface of choice, if cabling may not be compromised. Besides that, many existing access control installations that operate today, are Wiegand based. Since the Module-X IR has both interfaces available and protocols implemented, this ultramodern camera-system can be deployed in every existing Wiegand based installation. A possible future transition to an OSDP enabled access control system is meanwhile guaranteed. By default, the Module-X IR or the Gatekeeper X-Series can also interface on TCP/IP basis.

Open a gate, barrier or garage door directly using the Module-X IR

Access control system requirements differ per project. For instance, a small scale project might not need a full scale access control system, e.g. if there are no other doors to be secured. In such cases, the Module-X IR can switch open a barrier by itself with one of its internal relays. In this scenario, the camera system will recognise a license plate, check the result with either its internal or an external whitelist and opens the gate, after a match is found. For internal white- or blacklist management, ask for CortexParking.

Small and compact, the Module-X IR is a very versatile and powerful computer vision camera device with 128 Gigabytes of internal memory. It can be mounted standalone, or being built into a terminal, barrier column or parking unit. It features the all-round and highly accurate AVUTEC ANPR engine, that recognises both reflective and non-reflective license plates, country standard and custom plates. The internal AVUTEC camera OS, CortexFramework, facilitates the intelligence and the extended connectivity, needed to offer the smartest and most integrated ANPR solution for today’s and future security requirements.

For more information about the Module-X IR and the possibilities it offers for your projects, please contact our sales team at [email protected] or dial +31 88 2444 010. We are always happy to answer all your questions. Together we can find the best possible solution for your ANPR project.