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Become a partner

AVUTEC brings it products to end-users with the help of a network of internationally operating partners. We consider our partners as daily representatives of our products; through innovation and excellent service we achieve customer retention and profit together.

Our partners are distributors, system integrators and installers specialized in digital camera technology. Contact our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an e-mail to [email protected] to acquire more information on becoming a partner.

Benefits and requirements

To ensure the quality of sales advice, partners must meet the following requirements:

  • Primary knowledge of our products and its applications
  • An available demonstration system
  • Proactive sales of our products


In order to acquire the necessary knowledge of our products we offer trainingsessions for installers and support professionals to ensure an optimal performance. IT specialists can attend a course to develop a C# client for CortexFramework. The trainingsessions can be attended at the AVUTEC academy or at a partner’s location.

  1. Commissioning and support
    The commissioning and support course offers a full introduction to the Avutec ecosystem. It is developed for installers, technicians and support professionals at a beginner and intermediate level. Its combination of theory and hands-on examples will train participants to configure, manage and monitor CortexFramework.
    Course outline and details
  2. Integration and development
    This course is developed for integrators and system developers to build C# client-side applications interfacing with CortexFramework.
    Course outline and details


At our Partner Portal we offer detailed manuals of the Gatekeeper, CortexClient, CortexParking, Drive-off Prevention System.
Our SDK can also be found on that page.

Interested in becoming an AVUTEC partner? Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected].

See AVUTEC’s products live in action and learn about all possibilities at a demonstration at AVUTEC. Call our sales department at +31 88 2444 010 or send an email to [email protected] to make an appointment.