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Paxton is a designer and manufacturer of market leading IP access control and door entry systems, with over 30 years of experience.


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Wiegand, Paxton NET2 plus

Paxton NET2 plus and the AVUTEC X-Series

The integration of Paxton Net2 Plus with the X-Series, the AVUTEC ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, brings about an advanced level of seamless access control. This combination presents a reliable solution for vehicle access management, primarily for parking lot and gated communities.

The Paxton Net2 Plus is an access control system utilizing IP technology to allow for central management across multiple sites. It is flexible and supports a range of access methods like card swiping, biometrics, and PIN entry.

AVUTEC ANPR cameras are designed to automatically capture and analyze vehicle license plates. When integrated with Paxton Net2 Plus, they can automatically control access to a premise based on the captured license plate data.

The 26-bit Wiegand protocol is used to facilitate communication between the ANPR cameras and the Paxton Net2 Plus system. Because of the built-in Wiegand interface, configuration of the ANPR camera is easy. The AVUTEC ANPR camera will transmit the data to the Paxton Net2 Plus system. The Paxton system then verifies this data against its database of authorized license plates, deciding whether to allow or deny access.

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Application note Paxton NET2 plus and the AVUTEC X-Series

An application note has been created to ease the installation process of the AVUTEC-Paxton integration. For a seamless setup, contact our sales team by clicking the button and the application note will be send to you. Should you opt for a phone conversation, our sales team stands ready to address your queries at all times at +31 88 2444010