Fuel prices have never been as high as they are at the moment. Looking at the near future, those prices are not likely to drop to normal levels. As a result more drive-offs have been reported in the last few weeks. This causes a lot of extra work nobody likes to do and, since the money is hard to reclaim, often a loss of revenue. It would be better to prevent fuel theft before it is committed. But how?

A complete solution

To manage drive-offs at gas stations and prevent fuel theft, AVUTEC developed DPS, its Drive-off Prevention System based on license plate recognition. DPS is a complete solution, that recognizes a license plate and matches it with a blacklist in seconds. When a match is found an alarm is generated to alert the cashier. The cashier blocks the pump and a drive-off is prevented.
The system is fully automated; The use of handwritten lists with drive-offs are no longer necessary since all drive-offs are managed via the DPS management website.

Start stopping fuel theft right away

Starting to prevent fuel theft can be quick as most gas stations are already equipped with IP camera’s. Just connect those camera’s to the DPS server and the prevention of fuel theft can start directly. Or protect individual pumps with a Gatekeeper-X, the AVUTEC all-in-one ANPR camera, that runs ANPR and DPS on board.

Get the easy-to-use high tech assistant for cashiers

At a gas station cars come and go. Often a cashier is too busy to pay full attention to each newly incoming car. The DPS tablet, placed at the cashier, is an easy-to-use assistant; All visiting cars pop up on the screen with the information required to decide to release a pump or not, without having to look out of the window. By comparing the image of the car with car data** like make, model and color, even vehicles with false license plates can be stopped.

Two step authorization: a local and a nationwide black list.

In case a non registered vehicle commits fuel theft, it is easily added using the tablet. An image and the corresponding number plate are placed automatically on the local list of the petrol station and will generate an alarm the next time the license plate is recognized at the station it has been reported.
To place a license plate on the centralized  DPS registry, to alert all connected petrol stations, a two factor authorization is used. This drive-off license plate has to be authorized via the management website. Double checking a drive-off license plate will make sure the proper offender’s vehicle to be registered and prevents undesirable situations at the checkout. By using the centralized registry all connected petrol stations contribute to reduce each others drive-offs.

Fueling-up-without-paying not only costs money for the owner of the petrol station, it also leaves staff feeling angry and unsafe. DPS is the system to take back control and lower revenue loss.

More information can be found at the website or by downloading the brochure. Our sales team will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and the prices. They can be reached via [email protected].

**Car data is only available in countries with an accessible registry hosted by the government or by a certified institution for registration of vehicles.