AVUTEC is pleased to announce our latest innovation in container and wagon code recognition. Using our expertise, we have engineered a system capable of real-time identification of UIC and BIC codes, processing all data on device. This functional solution enhances operations by swiftly and precisely decoding information and uploading this data into a logistics system. AVUTEC’s novel (mobile) solution for container and wagon code recognition represents progress towards increasingly efficient logistics operations, both for rail as for other logistic container operations.

From ANPR expertise to BIC & UIC code detection: a natural progression

We take pride in the continuous development of our products, by responding to market demands and by investigating market needs. Drawing from our extensive experience in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) development, the transition to container code recognition was a logical step.

Our innovative approach involves training networks and algorithms to first locate both BIC and UIC codes, and subsequently read them. Our training methodology capitalizes on a rich dataset of images featuring both train wagons and containers. The culmination of this development process is our cutting-edge Module-X smart camera model.

The Module-X

The Module-X is a robust embedded camera system, specifically designed for high-performance detection tasks. With powerful hardware and neural processing capacity at its core, this single-unit system provides internal AI capabilities that sets it apart. By keeping the AI development and camera system under one roof, we’ve been able to create a compact, embedded camera system that excels in detection power. This comprehensive, integrated approach results in a seamless system where all components work together harmoniously to offer powerful detection capabilities in a ultra compact enclosure.

The AVUTEC Module-X camera comes with an integrated internal database and an SD card storage feature, providing space for data storage and retrieval. These built-in storage solutions are designed to facilitate efficient record-keeping of recognition data, making the process of tracking and controlling movements even more streamlined. The embedded recording feature allows for real-time capture and storage of data, which can be reviewed and analyzed at a later stage.

A key feature of Module-X is its ability to execute multiple recognition routines simultaneously. This multi-tasking ability ensures fast and efficient operation, drastically reducing the time spent on processing and increasing the system’s overall productivity.

The ModuleX stands out with its compact design, measuring only 190 x 80 x 67 mm. A size that does not compromise its powerful capabilities. Whether integrated into a fixed system or used as a mobile unit, its small form factor allows it to be easily accommodated into various setups, ensuring versatile deployment in a variety of situations. With its built-in camera features, Module-X promises excellent performance in both static and mobile scenarios. The ModuleX is designed to streamline operations while fitting seamlessly into established systems.

Seamlessly integrated hardware and software solution

The AVUTEC Module-X camera is a powerful and innovative tool, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with any management system. These include Port Management Systems, Railway Management Systems (RMS), Train Control Systems, as well as other logistics systems. This allows for unified and efficient control of traffic and cargo movements within ports, rail networks, and logistics operations.

AVUTEC Module-X is equipped with built-in interfaces that allows it to communicate effectively with various external databases and servers. It can interact with a web service, an external database, and an FTP server to exchange data and coordinate activities.

For more specialized requirements, custom integration modules can be developed. These modules are tailored to fit specific needs, ensuring that the AVUTEC Module-X camera is a versatile tool capable of adapting to a wide range of operational demands.

Innovative developments for a market leader in train freight

Recently, we have implemented our camera systems for a key rail freight player. The camera system is seamlessly integrated into a container lifter and is capable of recognizing both container and wagon codes in real-time as the lifter approaches. Recognition results are directly transferred to their management system. To facilitate transparency and verification, images of the train wagon and container are also added to the system. This strategic approach ensures optimal performance and contributes to streamlined logistics operations, saving a lot of registration costs and errors.

By implementing the AVUTEC Module-X camera, organizations can significantly enhance their logistics and transport management capabilities, leading to improved efficiency, safety, and profitability. This state-of-the-art technology marks a significant step forward in optimizing the management of ports, railways, distribution centers and overall logistics systems.