Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems have become increasingly popular in smart cities and ITS due to their ability to provide the information to enhance security, manage traffic flow, and improve parking management.
Though primarily focused on license plate recognition, our camera systems offer onboard logic and additional intelligence due to their processing capacity. This feature makes them highly adaptable, catering to a wide spectrum of projects. Our cameras offer on-device processing and IoT connectivity, making them an ideal solution to integrate in smart city, transportation and parking management systems. AVUTEC’s advanced ANPR technology ensures accurate readings and reliable performance in even the most challenging conditions.
As ANPR camera systems mostly operate in bigger ecosystems, our X-Series cameras are made to integrate with any third-party systems, creating a cohesive network that optimizes surveillance, recognition, and control. This versatility, from small-scale to large-scale applications, underscores their power, scalability and flexibility.


Low emission zones and city access regulations

Smart cities use technology and data to improve the quality of life for their residents, organisations and companies. They aim to increase efficiency and sustainability, and enhance urban services while enhancing their security. These cities utilize a range of connected devices, sensors, and advanced analytics to optimize everything from transportation and energy use to public safety and environmental sustainability. Enhancing the security of business, production, logistical and commercial areas using ANPR-meta-data with live video is a common application nowadays.

Urban parking

In the field of urban planning and management, the efficient usage of parking places can be a challenge, especially in densely populated urban areas. To address these needs, a range of innovative strategies has been developed, offering distinct benefits and functionalities. Among these, ticketless parking, visitor counting, and gateless parking systems stand out for their ability to improve space utilization and elevate the experience for users and operators alike.

Data collection and traffic monitoring

Collecting traffic data is a crucial method that provides essential information for enhancing traffic control and infrastructure projects. Through this data, transportation specialists gain a deeper understanding of various factors, such as the number of vehicles, their classifications, their traveling speeds, and more.

For transportation professionals, this information is invaluable for several purposes: pinpointing transportation requirements, assessing the effectiveness of traffic systems, determining vehicular trends, and informing evidence-based choices in city development.



The Module-X redefines the concept of compact cameras, offering remarkable capabilities within its small frame. This camera is adept for integration into terminals or for standalone mounting, tailored specifically for parking and access control projects.

It integrates AVUTEC’s state-of-the-art recognition software and is designed to provide all necessary integration options, ensuring it seamlessly fits into any comprehensive parking or access control system.

The combination of its compact size and powerful functionality makes the Module-X an exceptional choice for advanced parking and access control needs.

Gatekeeper 1250X

The Gatekeeper-X stands as a robust counterpart to the Module-X in AVUTEC’s lineup of advanced camera systems. While the Module-X efficiently reads license plates at distances up to 5 meters, the Gatekeeper-X significantly extends this capability, detecting license plates at distances up to 30 meters.

With its powerful IR LEDs, a motorized zoom lens and the AVUTEC ANPR engine software at its heart, the Gatekeeper-X provides high accuracy levels even at longer distances.

Given that integration is a fundamental aspect of all AVUTEC products, the Gatekeeper-X provides the expanded options, that characterize our camera systems.


At AVUTEC we know, that accuracy is not just a feature but the cornerstone of effective recognition systems. AVUTEC’s recognition technology offers the high accuracy levels essential for carefree operation.


The true power of AVUTEC’s ANPR cameras lies in their ability to integrate with every thinkable system. Whether it’s a complex security network, or a parking management system, our cameras are designed to integrate and make it work.


We combine a personal approach with advanced remote monitoring and management to ensure top-notch service and support. This blend of personalized care and cutting-edge technology guarantees the best performance of our systems.


Remote support

Maintenance costs and response time are minimized because of the fully remote configuration and monitoring of all AVUTEC products, made easy and cost effective by the license free management tool, CortexClient. The graphical interface of CortexClient provides all the tools to offer customers full remote support, saving time and money for all parties involved.

24/7 embedded license plate recognition

Embedded ANPR has many benefits. Installation is less complex, the embedded camera does not need extra peripherals or server capacity to run recognition. One cable and a PoE+ switch is all that is required. While video processing and analysing is performed real-time inside the device, only recognition results are shared with third-party systems, requiring minimal bandwidth.
When Ethernet fails, ANPR in the cloud will be unavailable. Recognition on the edge will simply continue. That garantuees 24/7 operation: The embedded camera will keep opening the barrier for the authenticated license plate.