Integrating intelligence and connecting with other systems is what we do. We are proud at our products and believe in their value. We know we can be better when we join strengths. We integrate partner technics and expertise in our platform. Our technology partners integrate our platform in their products to expand functionality and innovate. We work together with our technology partners to surplus both our products and bundle marketing to reach out.


We welcome new technology partners with great pleasure. We like to hear about your products and explore the opportunities we can develop together.


To get to know AVUTEC, our products and their integration possibilities we put together an introduction set including all the good we have to offer. The set features a fully equipped Gatekeeper with our platform installed and remote management in it’s full glory. It gives access to our support manuals, SDK and includes an introduction training. The set will lead you into the AVUTEC ecosystem and serves as an development environment for integration.


Being a partner means access to our full product portfolio, development team and hands-on support. Together we build to meet customer needs and expand business potential. Together we grow into a smarter future.