Hotel Mondragon, nestled in the historical center of Zierikzee, greets its guests with warmth in its beautifully decorated environment, where traditional hospitality and genuine care are paramount. To ensure a welcoming experience that is both heartfelt and contemporary, the hotel skillfully integrates its charming ambiance with the latest technological advancements, including the installation of a ANPR camera.

Blending heritage with modern elegance

Hotel Mondragon, though a contemporary establishment, is steeped in history, situated by Zierikzee’s ancient harbor, a locale with over a century’s worth of stories. Its name pays homage to Cristóbal de Mondragón, a notable 16th-century Spanish general who, under King Philip II’s orders, temporarily resided in this charming town.
The Gentlemen’s Room, situated in the tower of Mondragon, served as an ancient gentlemen’s club. Here, for decades, the notables of Zierikzee convened, often indulging in cigars as they deliberated and made numerous decisions.
These historical connections infuse the hotel’s ambiance with a distinctive charm. The hotel’s ethos is rooted in this nostalgic essence, fostering authentic connections and showcasing timeless sophistication, all complemented by the benefits of modern technology and advanced convenience.

Advanced entry technology simplified

Embracing the essence of contemporary hospitality, Hotel Mondragon has incorporated a modern reservation system. This advanced system simplifies reservation management for hotel staff while elevating the guest experience.

One standout aspect of the system is the inclusion of guest vehicle information at the time of reservation. AVUTEC, in conjunction with the reservation system, has implemented an integration within their camera systems. This configuration enables the cameras to detect and verify license plates through a database comparison. When the system finds a correspondence between the license plate and the reservation’s date and time, it triggers the automatic opening of the entrance gate, offering a smooth and welcoming arrival for guests.

The entire process of recognition and decision-making is integrated within the Gatekeeper, removing the necessity for extra hardware. The Gatekeeper itself is equipped with a relay to open the gate, simplifying the installation process with its all-in-one setup.

By integrating these advanced technologies, Hotel Mondragon not only preserves but elevates the art of hospitality, offering guests a blend of historical charm and modern convenience in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.