Located in Wijchen, Netherlands, Wijchen-Oost business park opted for our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems, a project entrusted to and implemented by MT Security Solutions. This upgrade aims to significantly enhance security and surveillance across the park. By adopting this technology, the parc is taking a thoughtful step towards improving operations and surveillance.

Wijchen-Oost business park

Wijchen-Oost Business Park, with 250 hectares, is the largest industrial park in Gelderland and is ideally located between the Randstad and Germany. The business park distinguishes itself in terms of quality from other business parks through the unique collaboration between the municipalities of Nijmegen and Wijchen, spatial quality, and significant attention to architecture and greenery. Many high-quality companies in the industrial, trade, and logistics sectors are established on the site.

Transition from outdated technology due to new bandwidth regulations

The pre-existing surveillance setup within the business park was heavily reliant on a series of beam connections, all of which operated within a designated bandwidth. However, regulatory changes that came into effect on January 1, 2024, imposed restrictions on the use of this particular bandwidth across the Netherlands. Consequently, this mandate necessitated the complete discontinuation of all existing beam connections that were crucial to the operation of the surveillance system.

This regulatory shift underscored the system’s obsolescence, revealing its inability to adapt to the new legal and technological environment. The outdated nature of the camera system, coupled with its reliance on now-restricted bandwidth, highlighted the need for a comprehensive overhaul to ensure compliance with current regulations and to incorporate more modern, adaptable security technologies.

The new setup: Integrating overview and ANPR cameras

The new security setup features an integrated network of overview cameras alongside with Gatekeepers, our license plate recognition cameras. Our dedicated license plate cameras are meticulously designed to capture and scan the license plates of both incoming and outgoing vehicles, ensuring a comprehensive monitoring of traffic flow.

The strategic combination of high-definition overview cameras and advanced license plate recognition technology enables a robust surveillance system. In the event of an emergency, the system’s capabilities allow for the swift identification and tracking of specific vehicles or individuals, offering crucial insights in critical moments. Furthermore, this integrated approach significantly aids in reconstructing the movements and routes of vehicles within the monitored area, providing a detailed and actionable overview that is invaluable for both immediate response and subsequent analysis.

CortexDashboard making ANPR camera data accessible

The implementation of the project included CortexDashboard, our online dashboard designed to store and access recognitions captured by our ANPR cameras. This integration allows for the secure archiving and effortless retrieval of license plate data, streamlining the monitoring of vehicle access and movement.

About MT Security solutions

Martijn Treuren transitioned from a technician to a project leader before founding his own security company in 2020, driven by his passion for the nuanced technology of security systems. His company simplifies security, ensuring seamless operation of complex systems with a team of over 10 dedicated professionals. They embrace challenges and new technologies with enthusiasm, aiming for growth and knowledge expansion. Despite the often serious nature of security, the company maintains an open and approachable atmosphere, valuing clear communication and a carefree environment for clients and staff alike.

In the Wijchen-Oost project, MT Security Solutions demonstrated their versatility in rolling out a new surveillance system. Their expertise extended beyond mere installation, as they also offered advise on software solutions for handling license plate recognition data.