Embedded AI ANPR camera line
AVUTEC is proud to present its new embedded product line of multi-purpose AI cameras. With unprecedented computational power, the X-Series products features state of the art edge computing. All X-Series models perform various deep learning tasks in parallel, execute additional data analysis and connect with any third party system to share the end results. While computationally equal, the X-series product range offers a model for every visual AI project.
Future proof ANPR and deep learning video analysis combined

Since its founding, AVUTEC is a specialist in license plate recognition, both with its own AI technology and with all-in-one ANPR hardware sensor solutions. With the rise of deep learning and advanced computer vision techniques, the AVUTEC ANPR engine continuously evolved. This engine has proofed its accuracy, speed and reliability in countless projects, even where others failed. It features generic ANPR, country specific modules and can be tailored to specific project requirements. But deep learning and computer vision can make a camera more intelligent and versatile than ever before. AVUTEC has expanded its expertise and offers far more than license plate recognition alone. The AVUTEC license plate recognition package, ANPR-X, makes ANPR future proof by adding contextual data and additional deep learning tasks. Pre-trained detection & recognition models and the deep learning training service open the world of visual AI for the deployment of artificial video intelligence.

A new generation AI cameras to deploy computer vision on the edge

Intelligence can only be deployed in combination with reliable, state-of-the-art hardware. For optimal results, razor sharp imaging is massively important. To achieve real-time video performance, the internal neural processing power needs to be large in order to perform multiple tasks in parallel. Optional video storage and management makes video edge advantages optimal. AVUTEC is proud to announce its complete new family of AI cameras that contain all these elements: The X-Series. These multi-functional computer vision AI sensors are the result of years of experience, research & development and user input. All models are unique devices, that take edge video computing to the next level.

The X-series product range

The X-Series product range contains of 5 different models that all have their own distinctive features, in order to fit in every project. The X-Series product range can be divided into two main categories. The first category contains models designed for multi-functional ANPR and additional deep learning tasks, to extend ANPR with contextual data. The second category contains the model, that is specialised in extracting 3D information from stereo view video and performing deep learning tasks of all kinds.

Built-in or standalone installation

Due to its many mounting options, the Module-X IR and the Module-X 3D can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or pole. Mounted on any fixed infrastructure, they perform their tasks in a discreet manner.
Both models can be built into a terminal or access control peripheral by any party. Mounted on top or built into a scan car, it performs mobile recognition.

As the Gatekeeper 410X & 1250X and the Gatekeeper Traffix feature recognition in a range of 2 up to 25 meters for both stationary, parking or speeding cars, their mounting options offer nearby and distant installation options. Using industry standard brackets and accessories, Gatekeeper models can be mounted on a wall, corner, ceiling or pole.

Worldwide installation

The IP66-rated enclosure of the Gatekeeper-X models ensure a rugged design and construction that is qualified for outdoor use. Weatherproof and having a wide operating temperature range, all models ensure worldwide operation.

Modern looks and small posture of the Module-X devices have a compact and discreet design with unprecedented sensory abilities. Its elegant and modern design makes it fit in any indoor environment as well. The many mounting options allow for tailor made positioning or terminal integration.
Still their IP66-rated enclosure ensures a rugged design and construction that is made for outdoor use. The design and build of the Module-X 3D and Module-X IR combine good looks and discretion with ruggedness. This device can be used both indoor and outdoor.

With all its advantages, embedded video recognition has a bright future. The AVUTEC X-Series offer multi-purpose edge video analysis in combination with cloud based remote management. It offers the best of both worlds. The AVUTEC X-Series offer the lean AI video algorithms, the integration and processing platform and the sensor hardware to successfully deploy visual AI in any application.