Since its launch in June, the first batches of the Gatekeeper-X are deployed in the field. With the introduction of the Module-X coming October, the full range of ANPR camera models of the X-Series will be available. By bringing the X-Series to production, AVUTEC enables its partners to offer future proof ANPR technology to their customers.  

The X-Series is the latest generation, multi-purpose, traffic-monitoring camera line. The different models and form factors each feature the technical and mechanical specifications to serve their specific vertical of the market perfectly. The Module-X is purposely designed for vehicle access control and parking applications, being optimally integrated with any controller or management system. AVUTEC is proud to now introduce the Module-X in all his ANPR glory and offers a peak in his long list of handy features and functionality.

Surface/pole mounted or integrated into a bollard

With its mounting kit and weatherproof housing, the Module-X can be surface or pole mounted anywhere. In addition, its compact design (190 x 80 x 67 mm) and rectangular shape enable the Module-X to be integrated into a terminal. Housing the ANPR camera in a terminal or post makes an attractive and sophisticated solution for city access, parking and access control solutions. A nicely concealed camera not only looks good, it hides its presence and moreover it is vandal proof.

A feature rich product

Powered by CortexFramework, the company’s ecosystem with AI-based ANPR software, system integration and world class recognition go hand in hand. Webservice, FTP and database interfaces are build-in and included with CortexFramework.
The 15 core IO cable caters the bi-directional communication of the camera with access control systems, barriers and other peripherals. Specific project requirements or customised messaging can easily be configured or developed. The open structure of the software ensures a short time to solution.

Dual optic system

The Module-X is a dual optics system with two separate cameras with customizable settings for ANPR, image recognition and overview functions. Depending on the scope of the project, both sensors can be set in ANPR mode or one sensor is set to read license plates, while the other one is set in overview or  video analysis mode.

Embedded recording and internal database

Another handy feature packed in this small device, is the onboard storage of 128GB, enabling embedded recording. Both video streams can be recorded and bookmarked. The internal database stores recognition results and buffers license plate and vehicle data reads during Ethernet failure for later upload.

24/7 Accurate ANPR technology

In access control and parking solutions, ANPR technology needs to be operational 24/7/365, open a barrier quickly to prevent queuing and offer the expected convenient user experience. Therefor it must be continuously operational, independent of Ethernet connection availability and offer the highest possible accuracy, to even implement license plate based payments. Edge based recognition with local storage is the solution, the Module-X offers all of that and more.

Future proof

Having two processors with literally hundreds of processing cores on-board, the Module-X is so powerful that it can cater any recognition model alongside ANPR without compromising speed, image quality or quantity. It will detect a car whenever a license plate is unreadable, distinct vehicle type and even performs people tracking or bike counting. Additionally, custom recognition networks can be trained to fit the Module-X for highly specialised projects. Its multifunctionality prepares the Module-X for future tasks and its hardware strength ensures longevity.

The list of features is long, the possibilities the Module-X provides for ANPR technology applications is endless. To provide partners with a complete multifunctional ANPR camera was the goal AVUTEC set itself during product design. With the Module-X almost ready to go to market, these goals are reached.