With an incredible wide range of integration abilities, an AVUTEC X-Series smart camera will always fit to the diversity of project requirements and customer demands, for connectivity and ease of system integration.

In the choice of software architecture and hardware design, integration and connectivity have always been a top priority. This results in a complete embedded AI camera line, the X-Series, which stands out in its variety of communication interfaces, protocols and data sharing abilities.

X-Series cameras feature Wiegand or OSDP interfaces to integrate with access control systems. Relay contacts can open doors, barriers or signal the driver. Data upload and sharing is implemented with a database-, webservice-, FTP- or API- connectors. The scripting engine facilitates rapid, thus cost-effective customizations, that can be implemented in short design cycles. Video recorders or management systems can be connected via RTSP and ONVIF interfacing, while bookmarking the timelines with meta data.

Today we add a the interface with Onedrive and sharepoint to our integration portfolio. End users work with recognition results in a wide variety of contexts. The OneDriveAxon implements direct cloud, secured storage of recognition images from any Gatekeeper-X or Module-X camera in your SharePoint environment or OneDrive account. This facilitates the immediate and easy disclosure of recognition results for end users.

With this implementation, files are accessible from any place at any time. They are easy to search and find, thanks to the built-in search functionality and the familiar storage structure. Not only end users enjoy the benefits these implementations brings, the proven security of the Microsoft cloud environment and the ability to set permissions and rights, eases the life of system integrators and network managers as well. The Sharepoint module combines all the benefits of Sharepoint or Onedrive from within your AVUTEC camera.

Do you like to know more about the possibilities, contact our sales team via [email protected] or dial +31 (0)88 2444 010. Our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in getting the best possible ANPR results, with your requested systems integration.