AVUTEC embedded detection algorithms

BREDA- AVUTEC, a Dutch manufacturer of AI cameras launches edge-based  face mask detection. Their AI camera analyzes video images in real time and detects face masks with high frame rates and without latency. While recognition is done completely on-device, the camera only transmits detection results, ensuring low bandwidth usage and privacy.

On-device AI

“Artificial intelligence is no longer a process that only runs in the cloud. Optimized algorithms and powerful hardware make it possible to use deep learning and machine learning on end devices. On-device artificial intelligence makes recognition direct, fast and efficient. AVUTEC sensors make this possible,” says Walter Verbruggen Sales director of AVUTEC.

Face mask detection

Most European governments decided to make it mandatory to wear a face mask in public transport. In many other industries face masks protect the health of employees. Automated entry regulation or the display of a friendly computerized reminder can take the pressure off staff. Observing crowds gives valuable clues and insights into people’s behavior. Recognition results are anonymous as people are not identified. In todays world automated detection of face masks can be a digital assistant in a variety of industries, where wearing a face mask is preferable.

Applicable solutions

Artificial intelligence appeals to the imagination and leads us into a world of endless possibilities. AVUTEC translates academic recognition algorithms and technological developments in hardware into applicable, practical products. “By training and optimizing neural nets, we use the full power of the hardware. High framerates, accurate detections and zero latency can be achieved in this way,” Walter Verbruggen says.


AVUTEC is a Dutch hardware and software specialist in the field of image analysis. As a manufacturer of computer vision sensors and systems they combine knowledge of hardware and software in AVUTEC products. With more than 10 years of experience in AI based license plate recognition, this technology has developed to the highest class. Continuous development, curiosity and innovation lead to a variety of smart algorithms in order to answer market demands as professionally as possible. The Gatekeeper family is a striking example of their expertise.