AVUTEC-Gatekeeper-ceiling- bracket

A Gatekeeper is built to facilitate deployment. The varifocal lens, the onboard LED illumination and PoE+ ensure freedom of projection and simplify positioning. A large recognition range, wide field-of-view and a 40° recognition angle are the result of hardware specifications and a versatile ANPR engine. Translated to real project situations, these specs lighten the installer’s job and form an attractive product for end users by lowering the installation costs.

Flexible positioning and ease of deployment
ANPR based subscription washing
Easy installation and flexible positioning of a Gatekeeper
AVUTEC solution for Automated washing based on ANPR

With a varifocal lens on board, reading distance and magnification are adaptable. Being a PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) device, deployment is simplified as cabling can be easily adjusted on site. Reading license plates from a distance or nearby, with a recognition range of 2-25 meters, Gatekeepers are ideally suited for a broad range of applications. Mounted high up in a pole or placed on existing building infrastructure, a Gatekeeper monitors entries and exits of parking facilities or captures license plates on city streets. Each Gatekeeper can be mounted right next to, just above, or on top of a gate; it can also be placed on a more distant wall or pole. This flexibility reduces installation costs and is one of the more dominant Gatekeeper’s unique selling points, appreciated by end users and building owners.

Large recognition range and wide field-of view

Equipped with a high resolution IR sensor and full colour context camera, a Gatekeeper covers a wide field-of-view and provides quality images and video. Built-in illumination ensures round the clock recognition and high capture rates in all-weather circumstances. Adjustable zoom levels not only provide a large recognition range, they also allow for a cut-out of the region of interest to speed up recognition framerates.

40° recognition angle
AVUTEC Gatekeeper horizontal recognition angle
AVUTEC Gatekeeper vertical recogntion angle

Based on both computer vision AI algorithms and deep learning techniques, our LPR engine complies with the fastest and most challenging recognition requirements to achieve its well-known performance. From the very beginning, our license plate recognition engine is trained to read plates from difficult angles, challenging contrasted and low resolution images. The result is an engine that captures license plates at an 40° angle and a resolution as low as 100 pixels per license plate, even at the darkest hours of the day.

The high degree of projection freedom and recognition accuracy is achieved by a well-balanced combination of hardware design and a versatile LPR engine. The options to deploy and position a Gatekeeper are numerous. All the tools, documentation, media and services to choose the proper model, pick the optimal mounting position and configure its settings are available. Apart from that, our sales and support team offers help and additional services for optimal results and happy users.