Beautifully hidden on the Brabantse Wal lies the small, tranquil Camping Uit en Thuis. Owned and run by the dedicated couple, Heidi and Stefan Kipping, “Uit en Thuis” has established itself as a unique camping opportunity for those seeking peace and green space. The 8-hectare forest terrain, with its layout, is a feast for the eyes and incorporates the height difference of the Brabantse Wal. Camping here means enjoying a beautiful environment, equipped with all conveniences.

A haven for all types of guests

“Uit en Thuis” appeals to a wide array of holidaymakers with its varied accommodations. The park merges spaces for mobile homes and trailers with specially designated areas for tents, campers, caravans, and fully prepared safari tents. This eclectic mix caters to all preferences, ensuring that whether guests are drawn to the comfort of a static home, the convenience of a bespoke safari tent, or the traditional charm of camping beneath the stars, their experience is enriched with quality and service.

Embracing technology in response to emerging trends and enhanced guest experience

In June 2023, “Uit en Thuis” took a thoughtful step to improve the guest experience by introducing a new entry system. At the entrance, visitors now encounter a sophisticated barrier equipped with two Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. This dual functionality serves both as an entry and an exit point, streamlining the flow of vehicles and enhancing security.

The decision to incorporate ANPR technology at “Uit en Thuis” was a response to emerging trends in the hospitality industry. Recognizing the shift towards more autonomous and technology-driven experiences, Heidi and Stefan Kipping saw an opportunity to modernize their holiday park. By adopting this system, they aimed to cater to the evolving preferences of their guests, who increasingly value ease and efficiency in their travel experiences.

The installation of the ANPR system elegantly addresses this trend. While it simplifies the reservation process, its primary advantage lies in enabling guests to enjoy a seamless arrival experience. The elimination of physical check-ins at the reception means that visitors can now enter the park and start their holiday without any delays or bureaucratic processes. This modern approach not only enhances guest convenience but also positions “Uit en Thuis” as a forward-thinking player in the holiday park sector.

The two-camera system is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a testament to the Kippings’ commitment to knowing who is on their terrain at all times, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all guests.

Integration of advanced systems for smooth operations

The ANPR installation at “Uit en Thuis” is more than just a gatekeeping tool. It represents a harmonious integration of an access control system with the park’s reservation system. Once a guest enters their license plate into the reservation system, it seamlessly syncs with the entrance technology, allowing for smooth, hassle-free access upon arrival.

Collaboration with Seijsener: A Partnership for innovation

The implementation of this cutting-edge technology was made possible through a collaboration with Seijsener, a company renowned for its expertise in recreational technology solutions. Seijsener’s specialization in the field ensured that the installation was not only efficient but also tailored to the unique needs of a holiday park like “Uit en Thuis.”

Conclusion: A blend of tradition and modernity

Holiday Park “Uit en Thuis” stands as a shining example of how traditional holiday experiences can be enhanced with modern technology. By prioritizing the convenience and security of their guests, Heidi and Stefan Kipping have created a destination that honors the beauty of nature while embracing the benefits of innovation. This balance makes “Uit en Thuis” not just a place to stay but a memorable experience for anyone visiting the scenic region of Brabant.