Should a camera that reads license plates, be pleasing to the eye? Could an ANPR camera contribute to a stylish appearance and a positive (first) impression? Is it a good idea to place an ANPR camera, that does not look like a typical camera? The answer for these questions is yes! And more over why would it not?

Appearance is important for many different reasons. A coherent style expresses an eye for detail and the willingness to put an effort. It creates a feeling of comfort and trust with guests, clients and customers. To create this experience small details make the difference. Therefor a Gatekeeper-X can be ordered in every RAL color possible, shiny or matte.

Architects and (brand)designers love custom coloring in order to let the camera and its hardware accessories blend in with a stylish design of a building, entrance gate or custom styled barriers. OEM partners can choose to deliver a high-end technology solutions styled in their own product or house style colours.

Blend in or stand out

A custom coated camera can stand out and strengthen the branding of a company. It can radiate a warning, enhancing security through prevention. But custom colourings do not have to be bright and expressive. By choosing a discrete colour, the camera can be neatly concealed. It will blend in and while it does not attract any extra attention, it still makes that good (first) impression. With little extra effort a great effect is achieved.

For more information and the colourful possibilities, the AVUTEC sales team can be contacted. They will be pleased to inform you in order to blend in or stand out!