Does it bring extra worth for a license plate-reading camera to be aesthetically pleasing? Can an ANPR camera enhance a location’s stylish appeal and make a positive initial impression? Is there merit in installing an ANPR camera that diverges from the conventional camera appearance? The answer to these queries is a resounding yes! And furthermore, why shouldn’t it be?

The importance of appearance stems from various reasons. A unified and thoughtfully designed style demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to quality. It engenders a sense of comfort and trust among guests, clients, and customers. In crafting such an ambiance, it’s the minor details that often have a major impact. Hence, the Gatekeeper-X is available in any desired RAL color, be it glossy or matte.

Architects and brand designers particularly appreciate the option for custom coloring, allowing the camera and its associated hardware to seamlessly integrate with the sophisticated design of a building, entrance gate, or custom-designed barriers. OEM partners have the opportunity to incorporate these high-tech solutions into their products, matching their own branding or house style colors.

Making a statement: blend In or stand out

A custom-coated camera can be a standout feature, reinforcing a company’s branding. It can project a sense of alertness, bolstering security through deterrence. However, custom colors need not always be bold and striking. Opting for a more subdued hue allows the camera to be discreetly integrated, blending into its surroundings. While it may not draw additional attention, it still leaves a lasting, positive impression. A little extra effort can lead to significant impact.

For further information and to explore the range of color possibilities, the AVUTEC sales team is available for consultation. They are eager to assist in finding the perfect solution, whether the goal is to blend in or stand out.