As a genuine traffic monitoring and access control camera system, the X-Series camera range feature a large internal storage capacity for edge recording. Video originating from both internal camera sources can be recorded, without the need of any extra server or cloud storage. CortexConnect, the AVUTEC remote access infrastructure, makes the recordings accessible from anywhere, at any time. But there is more to edge recording when taking a closer look. Get acquainted and learn new benefits which may be of service. You will find out that on device storage is an essential feature for every ANPR installation and will serve as an extra advantage for every user, while boosting the quality provided.

Industrial SD memory is optimized for video storage. Its endurance and high reading and writing speed ensure smooth performance and endurance. Edge storage is useful for every size of installation where a compact ANPR camera, as an all-in-one solution, to a large distributed sensor system will benefit from. In an installation with multiple devices, all cameras form a cluster of individual storage units, that together function as a distributed storage system, without any need of servers and cloud storage capacity.

Each model of the AVUTEC X-Series range is equipped with a storage capacity of 128 GBytes. Depending on video resolution, framerate and compression, it will store the recordings of a period of about two weeks. The oldest recordings automatically make room for life recordings to get stored, so there is no manual storage maintenance or management involved.

Three good reasons for on device recording
  1. A known advantage of on device recording and event storage is the ability of buffering during any network outage. Upload can be resumed from the moment the connection is restored.
  2. For installations with smaller network bandwidth or partial availability, edge recording is the smartest way to go.
  3. As no extra devices or video management systems are required, edge recording offers a low investment solution to keep track of incidents or events of interest.
The AVUTEC method of edge recording usage for quality assurance

New advantages of using on edge, on device recording are quality monitoring, quality assurance and recognition analysis. It is the ultimate tool to get the best image quality and recognition performance, achieved by any ANPR camera. Using edge recording, the determination of recognition accuracy is no longer an approximation, it is a reliable measurement and analysis tool. Recognition is no longer a black box, it can be monitored and diagnosed. It can be used to achieve the final percentages that make recognition to excel in performance. It can be used to genuinely solve issues by tracking down the cause of the problem as you go back to the moment it occurred. Since CortexConnect makes the recordings accessible from any location, all can be done remote! This is remote management and maintenance to the max, while pleasing your customers with the ultimate responsiveness!

Did this article fuel your curiosity? Our sales department is pleased to inform you fully on edge recording and the features, modularity and functionality the AVUTEC X-Series are packed with!