Oslo’s Akershus Fortress, a testament to medieval architecture and history dating back to the late 13th century, has remarkably transitioned into a symbol of modern environmental consciousness. Within its ancient catacombs, the fortress now houses the world’s largest charging garage for electric vehicles. This unique facility features an advanced entry system overseen by AVUTEC’s ANPR camera, the Gatekeeper, blending historical grandeur with cutting-edge technology.

Oslo's commitment to green transportation

Oslo, Norway’s capital, has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The city has transformed its center into an almost entirely car-free zone. This initiative involved converting traditional street parking into bicycle lanes and creating verdant spaces complete with plants and benches. The primary objectives of these changes are to improve air quality and to contribute to the global fight against climate change. As a result, Oslo’s heart now beats with the rhythm of public transport and an increasing fleet of electric vehicles.

Enhancing infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles

In a bid to foster the use of eco-friendly transportation, the catacombs beneath Akershus Fortress have been repurposed into a state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging garage. With 86 charging stations, this facility is recognized as the world’s largest public charging garage that exclusively utilizes Type 2 chargers. This not only supports the growing number of electric vehicles but also stands as a testament to Oslo’s forward-thinking approach to environmental challenges.

Modernizing access control with technology

Historically, Akershus Fortress was a stronghold protected by vigilant soldiers. In contemporary times, this role of safeguarding is adeptly managed by technological solutions. The Gatekeeper, an advanced ANPR camera system developed by AVUTEC, now controls access to the fortress. It represents a modern-day sentinel, actively participating in the battle against climate change. This integration of innovative technology with the fortress’s historical backdrop illustrates a seamless fusion of past and present, symbolizing Oslo’s dedication to preserving its heritage while advancing its environmental initiatives.