Camera projection at access control solution

A Gatekeeper, with all its functionality, is much more than a regular ANPR camera. That is why we call the Gatekeeper a visual sensor system. We put all our effort in ensuring world class recognition by the development of specialized hardware and software, both highly integrated. To obtain the best possible recognition results, positioning and commissioning of the camera or sensor system are crucial. It all starts with a well working camera projection for each location.

A good projection takes the many aspects of a successful installation into account. It combines calculations of the focal length of the lens, the viewing angles and pixel density with situational conditions and project requirements. It takes a careful weighing of all aspects to achieve the perfect visual recognition, observation, detection and monitoring zones. A well calculated projection ensures the best camera location, field of view and pixel density of the license plate or objects to sense. The effort will pay off, as it results in a well-functioning application, happy and satisfied customers.


With every Gatekeeper we deliver a set of tools for our partners to achieve a good projection. Besides that we offer a Gatekeeper projection service for the best results. As the designer and manufacturer of the Gatekeeper, the camera system has no secrets for us and its use will be optimised.

1. AVUTEC Services

Thanks to an extensive set of remote support tools, a Gatekeeper can be accessed any moment from anywhere. Like our regular system support, all the extra services are offered remotely. This way our support and services are cost efficient and response times are the lowest possible. The projection service is one of the extra services we offer.

2. Service bundle

A prepaid bundle of remote service hours is used to purchase the extra services. The bundle is not project nor system bound and is used throughout all the projects involving one or many Gatekeepers. It diminishes the fuzz of small invoices (or administration hassle) and arranges for tailormade support per project or per device.


Projection service for optimal ANPR results
Determine the ANPR recognition area
Determine the proper angles for optimal ANPR
1. Intake

The projection service starts with an intake. After getting the necessary location information, available images, a map and the specifications of the project requirements, our projection expert starts the evaluation and calculations.

2. Projection report

The conclusions and options of the projection calculations are set out in a report. The report contains camera positioning, focal length of the lens, field of view, recognition range and pixel density of the license plates at several distances. For ease of use, all aspects are explained both in words and images.

3. The installation can start

At first sight, installation of a camera or sensor system seems to be easy. When taken a closer look, the opposite is true. To obtain optimal results, expertise and the will to aim for the best is required. At AVUTEC we always strive to get the most out of our smart camera systems. We know from our extensive experience: Projection is essential for a successful delivery of your project!

Do you want to know more about our products or services? AVUTEC is always interested to learn how we can be of service in any video analytics challenge. We invite you to contact ourĀ  specialists to further explore your possibilities at [email protected] or 088 2444010.