Remotely manage and monotor all device with CortexClient
Log in to manage all your customer’s Gatekeepers being anywhere on the Internet and offer instant customer support to your clients. Fine tune ANPR and recognition results from your laptop. Or have AVUTEC specialists support you during preparation, installation and configuration at any time. Remote management is essential for optimal device performance and problem solving on the spot: resulting in a happy customer.

The only part of commissioning AVUTEC products, that cannot be done remotely is physically installing and positioning the devices. The rest can be configured and installed from a distance, as all devices are accessible via Ethernet or Internet. A set of remote management tools is included with every product to facilitate configuration, monitoring, fine tuning and management.


CortexClient, our graphical interface to manage, monitor and configure CortexFramework, is included in every AVUTEC product.

Acess control

An example of the CortexClient setup for a Gatekeeper in an access control solution.
Changes in functionality and requirements

Remote management comes in handy when the functionality of a device, for instance a Gatekeeper, needs to be extended or changed.  A new script can be uploaded to trigger actions on newly specified events or an extra communicating or processing module can be installed. It offers our partners the ultimate flexibility to extend or adjust their customer’s Gatekeeper over time, when requirements evolve.

Problem solving

The Gatekeeper is widely used in LPR based access control solutions. When a customer calls to tell their barrier does not open, the investigation starts. There are many possible causes for a malfunctioning barrier. It can be the recognition of license plates that fails, a not yet registered license plate or the communication between the Gatekeeper and the access control system. By examining the Gatekeeper’s logs and remote client tool, the cause can be pinned down and solved almost immediately.

When a problem occurs, the vast majority can be solved remotely. This offers two important advantages. Firstly it saves a visit on-site by a technician, keeping maintenance costs very low. Secondly a fast response time is ensured, diminishing down time for the user.

Organise support the way that fits your company

The AVUTEC support and remote management tools are designed to enable installers and integrators to be independent and self-supporting, if they wish. On the other hand, full AVUTEC service and support can be the preferred choice. Since no company is the same and each project differs, service and support can be scaled from basic to expert level. Well trained AVUTEC partners are truly equipped for the fastest possible problem solving.

Projection report

Let AVUTEC make a projection report or become an expert by attending the training. A succesfull installation starts with a good camera projection.

Rule engine

Implement complex and customer specific behavior without extensive integration efforts with triggers and actions.
Become a certified AVUTEC specialist

A professional ANPR sensor system is so much more than just a camera. It is a complete visual sensor system with many settings and even more possibilities. To obtain the best results and to offer your clients the proper solution, product and flexibility expertise is inevitable.  In the Gatekeeper online manuals and CortexClient remote management tool, all the information can be found quickly to deliver expert services. More convenient and effective is the possibility to become an AVUTEC specialist by attending the commissioning and support training. In this one day course, the combination of theory and hands-on examples guarantee a full understanding and a great stepping stone to full in-house service and support for your clients.

Full AVUTEC service and support

We gladly support our partners wherever we can. Next to our standard support, a service bundle of remote service hours is often used to obtain extra services. The bundle is project nor system bound and can be used throughout all the projects involving one or many Gatekeeper sensor systems. It arranges for tailormade services and support per project or per device.

For more information about our services, support and training sessions, please contact our sales department at [email protected] or +31 88 2444 010