AVUTEC dealers and system integrators managed to automate and optimise the car wash process further and offer automated car washing based on a license plate. Integrating an ANPR / LPR sensor system with Point of Sale (POS Payment Terminals) Systems, new Direct Debit Payment methods and loyalty systems helps car wash owners and operators to enhance user experience, speeding up the payment process and offering convenience to both consumers and car wash employees.

License Plate Recognition based washing

In the car wash industry, demands for extra services and dynamic pricing is rising, while the need for minimizing queues and payment cycles is very evident. It sounds almost like a contradiction, but it can be achieved!

To deploy ANPR based car washing, one or more ANPR cameras are installed at the entrance of a venue. They are connected to POS, payment and other management systems to make monthly or unlimited car wash subscriptions and flat rate offers feasible, while queues are minimized. When a registered license plate is recognised, the proper program will start automatically.

Such quicker service selection, pricing determination, payment procedures and customer subscriptions provide both more convenience for clients and lead to enhanced customer loyalty at the same time, while minimizing or replacing the payment terminal procedures.


ANPR based subscription washing
ANPR based car washing provides data on all visits per license plate. Data to gain insights in customer behavior on individual license plate level. This data is the instrument to measure the effects of a marketing campaign. Did the visit frequency change per license plate or did the campaign attract new clients? It certainly helps to get to know customers and learn what they like.
The combination of ANPR and a loyalty system personalises the license plate. On arrival a customer can be surprised with a discount on a luxury washing program based on the number of visits. A wonderful way to stimulate next visits.
With or without loyalty system, ANPR offers the insights to meet customer wishes. That can only make a car wash more pleasant and increase business.
ANPR identifies vehicles, thus drivers with subscriptions or special discounts

In a subscription or special discounted situation, a client having a car wash subscription or discount rights drives up to the car wash. The ANPR camera reads the vehicle’s license plate and checks the client database, e.g. in the POS or Loyalty System. As soon as a match in the database is found and the car is in the proper position, the corresponding wash program can start automatically. With the help of automated car washing with ANPR, the car wash and payment procedure is as clean as the car after a shiny wash.

How to automate car washing with ANPR

The car wash industry uses a variety of back office, Loyalty and POS systems. No matter which system is used, integration with CortexFramework , the computer vision heart inside the ANPR camera, makes automated car washing with ANPR possible for every car wash, big or small. Interfaces with car wash equipment, Loyalty or POS Systems are already available, or can be developed by a AVUTEC car wash system integrator with the use of our SDK or by our integration specialists.

The way a car wash operates, defines the choice of integration. Each ANPR camera can either send the license plate information to the POS or back-office system, or it can operate the car wash all by itself. The I/O extender or the IP interface of the ANPR camera can select the desired program of the car wash installation.



ANPR increases efficiency and customer experience by improving throughput and minimizing delays


Automated car washing with ANPR not only provides a fully automated car wash procedure, it also offers more convenience to customers

Loyalty programs

Automated car washing with ANPR provides data on returning customers, this can be used to set up a loyalty program

Fully automated

The Gatekeeper can either send number plate information to a POS, Loyalty -or back-office system, or it can start the car wash all by itself


Offering car wash subscriptions, flat rates and discounts to loyal clients has never been easier, now that a license plate is just what you need to check a subscription

Feasible for any car wash

It does not matter if DIY car washing, a roll-over or a conveyor car wash system is used, integration with CortexFramework makes automated car washing with ANPR affordable for every location and situation