ANPR based perimeter guarding at industrial areas
Keeping a watchful eye on what happens around a business park or industrial area is important to maintain a high level of security. In ninety-nine percent of the cases, camera surveillance is at the basis, providing the 24/7 watchful eye. But a camera system can be more than an extension of the human eye,  it can be intelligent.

Deep learning has evolved in such a way, that it enables the automation of visual inspection of video. That intelligence and those video content analysis skills boost the functionality and the quality of the entire solution. AVUTEC provides its partners with intelligent edge based image analysis and a highly connective framework, that can be integrated in any surveillance solution. Let’s take a closer look at what this intelligence offers and provides as added value.

Reactive, proactive or intelligent camera surveillance?

Security demands differ per business park or industrial area. Some will require proactive surveillance where a manned guarding service, mobile patrols and a alarm center take care of round the clock supervision. A reactive solution will be sufficient for other stakeholders. In such cases, camera surveillance alone will do. Incidents can be inspected afterwards.

In both cases the intelligence of the sensor system will increase efficiency and user friendliness. An intelligent camera can trigger actions on predefined events, presenting meaningful alarms and notification to centralists and security staff. Incidents can be easily played back in recordings with the use of bookmarks. A suspected car can be found on its license plate, vehicle data (color, model, brand etc.) and time of visit. Big data can be used to detect anomalies in daily traffic, based on past events and traffic history.

Gatekeeper installation business park
Gatekeeper ANPR camera in the field
Combine edge and cloud computing benefits

With edge computing getting more powerful every day, the choice for an embedded AI camera system is obvious. Why not use state of the art technology and combine both worlds? In an edge-cloud solution, video processing will run on the edge, ensuring low bandwidth usage and 24/7 recognition results, even during Ethernet failure. While cloud management and monitoring provide the tools for remote support and thus keeps maintenance costs low. A monitoring dashboard can be viewed anytime and on any device for real time perimeter information. All IoT devices centralized and managed in the cloud!

Deep learning expands sensor possibilities

With the increase of processing power and the development of deep learning and computer vision techniques, the quality of video analysis and its applications increased enormously. Recognition routines have become highly accurate and numerous. Nowadays devices on the edge are small and the installation has become much simpler. A modern visual IoT sensor has on board LED illumination, an AI processing unit, multiple sensors and can perform multiple recognition routines in parallel. Extra server capacity has become absolete, a PoE+ connection is all what is needed. The AVUTEC Gatekeeper X-Series is the embodiment of these latest technology developments in embedded visual sensor systems. Above that, the X-Series features ANPR-X, a license plate engine that offers more than ANPR alone.

Integration and connectivity

Full integration support is an important part of a successful product. AVUTEC has put a lot of effort in the hardware and software connectivity of its products. To name just a few:

  1. Store data in a centralized database, upload recognition results via FTP or make them available via a RESTful web service; the default connectivity of AVUTEC products supports out-of-the-box data sharing with any other system.
  2. The connection with external databases for national car data, stolen or suspicious vehicles and the ability to detect vehicle direction, completes recognition results with contextual data.
  3. Bookmarking recognition results within a VMS eases the search for an event enormously.
  4. IO pins can control any electronically operated device.
  5. The rule engine not only implements triggers and actions to output alarms and notifications to help security staff to make well informed decisions. It can also automate the display of texts on matrix boards, the opening of a barrier or the operation of warning lights to regulate traffic flow or to scare of trespassers and intruders.

Besides all out-of-the box solutions for most common situations, the open structure of the AVUTEC platform provides its integration partners to develop custom solutions. The AVUTEC development team is happy to develop custom functionality inside the sensor, to create the application meeting project requirements.

The integration of complementary systems is essential for effective end-to-end system solutions. While the level of security differs per perimeter to guard, intelligent sensor systems will always be a smart choice, defining the overall quality and system performance.