Integration and connectivity in security solutions

Our camera systems are often part of bigger system solutions. Such a multi-party integration is like a relay race, where each member of the team completes his part, after which (s)he passes the baton to the next team member. For the team to win, all members have to be trained for their task and qualify as team players. As a trained member, AVUTEC delivers high quality image analysis and a robust camera system, while our high levels of integration and connectivity services and solutions, make us a valued team player.



Computational strength and high quality components, designed and built for video analysis tasks and connectivity, make our Gatekeepers trustworthy members of the system integrating team.


A Gatekeeper has CortexFramework, our AI integration platform, at its foundation. Each configuration consists of image analysis and connector or integration modules, we call Axons. When the choice for a Gatekeeper is made, the camera system is configured with client or application specific Axons, tailored to project requirements.

The baton

Not only do we pass the baton, we contribute to the baton. We perform image analysis and communicate the results of our recognition, detection and tracking algorithms. The results form the base for smart functionality, seamless working system integration and the automation of procedures.


In our field of work, our team members all have their own quality and specifications. To hand over the baton and to win the relay race, requires a broad array of integration and connectivity options to coach the team. The extra skills to interact and “smartly” handover the baton, is our specialty.

Default modules: Webservice, database and FTP server Axons

Every Gatekeeper comes with CortexFramework, having a Database, a FTP server and a Webservice (REST) Axon, enabling the basic needs for data upload and communication.

Ready-made connector Axons for third party systems

Ready-made connectors offer off-the shelf integration with most commonly used connected systems. Video recording with a VMS, communication with an access control system or data transfer to a POS system can be implemented out of the box.
For a quick overview of our off the shelf connectors, visit our connector page.

Built-in interfaces: Wiegand, RS-485 and OSDP

Built-in interfaces with Wiegand, RS-485 and OSDP enable connectivity with any access control system or door controller. Also IO pins on the back of the camera system can operate any electronic device. On predefined conditions a Gatekeeper opens a barrier, starts the specified car wash program or displays text on a LED panel.

Triggers and actions

The basic idea of triggers and actions is quite simple: If this happens than do that. With triggers and actions implemented, conditions can be specified to trigger predefined actions. Even complex situations can be captured in a script, that will lead to required functionality.
Read more about triggers and actions in our article.

Integration service

We facilitate our partners in all their integration and connectivity requirements with our integration service. We build custom triggers and actions scripts and offer support during installation, commissioning and final tests.

Custom axons

For many of our partners we develop custom Axons, tailored to the needs of their clients or the connected system(s). Their purpose is twofold. A custom Axon provides the extra functionality required plus the commercial opportunity to offer a distinctive product.
For more information please contact our sales department at [email protected].

SDK / API for developers and integrators

Finally we offer Cortex.NET, a .NET SDK, and a socket interface for integrators and developers to work with. We gladly support our integration partners in their process of developing both client and server side applications and middleware.

Our camera system is a fine and flexible piece of technology to deploy complex and intelligent functionality, supporting multiple systems integrations. We have proven to deliver a world class product, packed with possibilities and flexibility, while guarding ease of use and a successful deployment. We do that by providing our partners with all the tools and support services to form a winning team.