Milestone AVUTEC join forces

AVUTEC and Milestone join their technological forces to create a complete solution with the true integration of XProtect®, Milestone video management system, and the Gatekeeper Series, the AVUTEC product line of embedded AI camera’s. The combined functionality of both systems leads to a complete and flexible solution for AI powered video surveillance.

The choice for an intelligent, flexible, customizable and scalable solution

Video surveillance comes in all shapes and sizes. In the design of their system both companies use an open platform architecture, where connectivity with other systems and flexibility have key roles. This choice in design leads to highly customizable, scalable and reliable solutions, tailormade for each project. Whether it concerns one small venue or multiple (interconnected) sites, a project with standard or highly complex requirements, all can be done with the Milestone-AVUTEC integration.

We are very excited to welcome Avutec to the Milestone Systems Technology Partner Program. We are always looking for high-end technology partners to partner with to offer or joint customers best of breed solutions. We see a lot of interest from system integrators and end users for AI driven edge IoT devices. The combination of Gatekeeper series ANPR IoT devices and XProtect VMS will provide a great proposition to our end-users in smart cities, transportation, building management but also in retail. – Roy Band, Community Manager Milestone Systems”

Increase operational efficiency and automate security tasks

World class ANPR, vehicle classification, people detection and tracking, a rule engine and contextual data enrichment packed in one camera device, result in fine grained options to set alarms & alerts and automate tasks. The AVUTEC XProtect® module enables alarms and alerts generated on board of the Gatekeeper Series to be sent directly into the Milestone video management system. It provides operators with true alarms to follow up, making security services or enforcement far more efficient and responsive than it ever was. The XProtect® centralized search functionality facilitates search for video sequences, alarms, events, bookmarks and motion coming from multiple Gatekeepers in a single overview.

Neural processing power

“Embedded neural processing power enables the Gatekeeper to run detection algorithms in parallel and in real-time video. This ability, to multitask in combination with built-in hardware connectors and the many integration interfaces, turn a Gatekeeper into the brains of a video surveillance ecosystem.- Walter Verbruggen Sales director of AVUTEC.”

Equipped for both ANPR and deep learning tasks, the Gatekeeper is widely used in access control, logistics, car wash, smart city and mobility solutions. The ability to perform detection, tracking, movement analysis and classification tasks, AVUTEC takes embedded AI further. The integration with Milestone XProtect® VMS provides a complete solution for both our installation and system integration partners. The open character of both platforms facilitates the usage of existing infrastructure and the implementation into existing ecosystems.